Making Manhattan Chowder With Crysis 2

If you discount the static and deliberately skipping video what you have here is a blend of Crysis 2's trailer and its closed-doors demo, shown at E3. Spoiler alert: The MetLife building goes down, and it goes down hard.

This should give you a better idea of what I was trying to get across - the level of destruction in the environment, the grand entrance of your new BFF, the Pinger, and the tactical switching from active camouflage and stealth to toe-to-toe badass in the Nano Suit.


    I'm feeling a Cloverfield vibe with that video.

    Everything from New York, monster, buildings collapsing, the editing and the "Property of..."

    This is not a bad thing either!

    Oh great, there goes my epilepsy.

    How much of the destruction is dynamic and how much is scripted, and just how destructible is it? Is it kind of like Black, where you could blow all the concrete off the edges of a pillar but not actually destroy the pillar? I.e. it's mainly cosmetic rather than something with tactical uses like Bad Company where you can use it to create doors / firing positions etc?

    black box AGAIN!!!!!!

    kotaku needs to put youtube links up on vids or somethin cause i a quater of the time vids are black boxes

      What browser are you using? The videos don't play in IE8 at the moment. We're working on a fix.

    I love cloverfield, and HATED that trailer. They need to stop aping other people's editing style (IE GoW with the New York, New York trailer) and JJ with this. All these trailers are making it hard to be excited for the game. It just looks boring.

    I wonder if that frame rate is suppose to symbolise what it would look like if it ran on a normal computer.


    I'm currently staying in NYC for a holiday and lets just say that looks extremely realistic. Even the windows are captured perfectly.

    surprised i'm the first to note the Gecko rip off...

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