Man Accused Of Killing Kitten For Unplugging Game Console

A Virginia man faces charges of charged with misdemeanour, animal cruelty and disorderly conduct after allegedly hurling his girlfriend's kitten against the wall after it disconnected the video game he was playing.

Staunton, Virginia authorities were called to the apartment of 21-year-old Bruce Jamar Walston by his girlfriend late last night. The woman called 911 after Walston, angered that the video game he was playing was disconnected by his girlfriend's new kitten, allegedly picked up the animal and threw it against the wall, killing it.

According to authorities, the incident occurred in front of the woman's children.

Walston is being held without bond at the Middle River Regional Jail in Verona. Prior to this incident he was out on bond in relation to a January breaking and entering charge.

Man accused of killing kitten after it pulled plug on his video game []


    Ok that's real messed up. Whilst I used to hate my exes cat, Im a gamer and I *never* woulda let any harm come to it. It's a smaller creature for gods sake. That's just sick!

    Thanks to these idiot's gamers get a bad name. FFS it was only a kitten you sicko!

    This is seriously f*&%ed up. Dude it's a game. Get some perspective on life.

    What a piece of shit. I hope they give him the chair.

    Wait, what sort of console can be unlugged by a kitten... In my experiences both wall sockets and console socket are both tight...

      it could have chewed through the cord; it's happened to me before. i was pissed but it was my sisters cat so i got her to replace it; and i'm proud to say i just put the cat out of the room and went to my sister to complain.

        Yeah, but you're clearly not an insane worthless piece of s***. Big difference. Plus that guy looks like a junky (he has junky eyes).

    If the plugs where plugged in and unplugged many many many times they may have become loose.

    I have seen a cat walk over an old PS1 and open the CD Loader, but we all thought it was funny the first time. The Second time not so funny and the third time it went there we paused it and grabbed the cat, and put it down.

    MY cat walks infront of the screen all the time, at first i hated it.

    That is wrong on so many levels.

    What a disgusting piece of human garbage. Such scum shouldn't be allowed to see the light of day. People who harm animals should not be allowed in "civilized" society with the rest of us. Harming animals shows they have no empathy for anything, animal or human, and such people are more likely to commit violent crimes. Hell, if it were up to me I'd strap him in a harness, attach it to a large machine, and use him as a human wrecking ball, just so he can feel the same terror and pain he inflicted on that poor kitten. Kill the bastard slowly. /anger induced insanity

    Wow, that's horrible. What a bastard.

    Maybe he thought there was like an achievement for it, or something.


    Looks like there wont be any pussy in that man's life for some time to come.

    This makes me blood boil, I hope he gets butt raped in jail and shanked in the spine. I would gladly sacrifice my self to take the life of this [email protected]

    Achievement unlocked: sacrifice kitten to Bill Gates

    My kitten would much rather chase sack people around my TV screen than bother with the cables...


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