Man Vs Massive Rock Band Set List

Harmonix and MTV brag about their ever expanding Rock Band set list at E3 2010 by printing out the whole thing, now with more Rock Band Network, on a huge wall, with human being included for comparison.



    "Let's brag about the hundreds of songs we can charge gamers $1-2 each for, rather than giving/selling them a tool they could use to make their own tracks with..."

    That's what I see when I look at that wall.

      You're right, it would be awesome to create our own tracks. I can't wait for a day where I can log in to the RBN and download 200 different user created variations of the Super Mario Bros, theme.


      I think the tools are in the hands of the right people right now. Record labels like Sub Pop are already talking about putting their back catalogues on there, which means while you still have to pay, at least you know you're getting quality product.

      While I get that user created content could be awesome, the reality is the network works far better under the model they have now, as opposed to the "me too!" nature of something like LBP or ModNation Racers.

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