Mario Kart Takes A Spin On The 3DS

Mario Kart Takes A Spin On The 3DS
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It wouldn’t be a piece of Nintendo hardware without a Mario Kart game now, would it?

While these are from a “concept demo”, and not an actual title, it’s Mario Kart. It’ll turn up on the system sooner or later.


  • Nice to see it still has DS graphics.

    When’s the PSP2 gonna come out already – I like seeing proper graphics.

    • haha “proper graphics”, I’m so glad companies like Nintendo have the sense to ignore people who think like this.

      • Of corse they do. They aim for the people who don’t know left from right. Like the children 8 and under, who think what they’re seeing is the most marvellous thing every created. That is until they are old enough to have a 360 or PS3.

        Oh and then they target the over 60’s – the oldies who have just jumped on the gaming bandwagon for the first time in their life because they ignored it all before cause they thought it was pointless rubbish. So they’re seeing this thinking, “Wow that can achieve stuff like this!” but unfortunately they’re never gonna see 360 or PS3 graphics, not because they’re old and the inevitable is coming for them… but because old people wouldn’t fork out the extra dough for a 360 or PS3 cause they only play a Wii or DS like once a month and die a life thats all lies thanks to Nintendo.

        THAT is why they ignore people like ME who actually class graphics are something that contributes to playing a game. Combat, yeah anyway. But graphics still take up a hefty percentage in my choice factor. I don’t really give a crap if people think it is stupid – THOSE people would be lying if graphics didn’t bother them.

        I think the main flaw is because dev’s, Nintendo and people who had seen the 3DS before it announcement hyped its “power” citing it can display graphics like a console. I’m pretty sure I heard 360 and PS3 in there somewhere aswell. This isn’t even Xbox 1 graphics, or even GameCube.

        • Remember it’s a handheld screen, the resolution doesn’t need to be as high. GBA games look worse than SNES games blown up but on the actual screen they were designed for they’re fantastic and blow the SNES out of the water.

    • Are you kidding? The only thing that’s really missing is some anti-aliasing. The screenshot in the forest looks gorgeous, as does the one below it.

  • Graphics aren’t everything, but they do count. Anyone who says otherwise is just being naive. These screenshots are very disappointing for a ‘next gen handheld’, it actually looks about the same as Mario Kart DS.

    Modern mobile processors are able to approach console/PC graphics now, you’d think it would be better than this. If Nintendo’s above ‘petty’ graphics, I’m sure a lot of other companies won’t be. And even if they don’t win you over, a lot of consumers will be drawn to the alternative.

  • I hope this goes for a more Traditional Mario kart experience. I wasn’t a huge fan of Double Dash or MK Wii.
    MK DS on the other hand I couldn’t stop playing for a very very long time.

    Oh and put Diddy Kong back in as a playable character, R.O.B. was a bad choice and Birdo is the most digusting choice(Vagina mouth).

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