Mario Moves Up From Mushrooms

This isn't run-of-the-mill blotter acid, this is some kind of souped-up Scandinavian hallucinogenic called Bromo-DragonFly, and as you can see, a new product needed a familiar pitchman to get a beachhead in a new market.

Cops in Helsinki, Finland raided a drug den and confiscated that sheet, plus a bunch of cash and other tools of the drug-making trade. Winners don't do drugs, but just in case you guys were thinking about licking ingesting something with Mario on it, this won't double your height or allow you to throw fireballs. Cops say this stuff "leads to addiction in addition to strong delusions, anxiety and physical symptoms."

Since it takes about 25 years for cabinet art to make its way to hallucinogenic stamps, I suppose we can look forward to some Mortal Kombat acid in 2017.

Mario Appears in Very High Finnish Drug Score [Games Radar]


    Yeah bromo dragonfly is SO addictive.

    can i lick the scanner?

    We have moved on so far from the Purple Om days. Ah progress is nice..

    Nearly all of this stuff is synthesized in China. How exactly is it "Scandinavian"? Because cops found a blotter in Finland? FYI Finland isn't even really a part of Scandinavia.

      bwahahaha, i can guarantee you those boards DID in fact come from finland.

      can't tell you how i know, but they did.

      trust me on that one ;)

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