Marvelous Entertainment Is Trying To Stay Alive

Marvelous Entertainment Is Trying To Stay Alive

Marvelous Entertainment has published titles like Harvest Moon, No More Heroes and Little King’s Story. It has seen better days.

Last March, Yasuhiro Wada, who created Harvest Moon, stepped down from his position as Director Digital Contents. That same month, it was revealed that Cing, the studio that co-developed Little King Story, was going bankrupt.

In order to avoid, well, yeah, the company is taking measures to recoup: Marvelous Entertainment will stop developing original games, sell off its European subsidiary and withdraw from direct overseas distribution. Marvelous Entertainment titles will most likely continue to be licensed out to other Western publishers.

The company will focus on existing franchises like Harvest Moon and Rune Factory as well as expanding into browser games.

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  • That seems to be the price you pay for trying to sell quality, original games instead of rehashing the same old crap that everyone else is pushing out.

  • Why dose it have to be this way. I don’t want rehashes of old games and crap-tastic movie tie in games, i want innovation. Games like Little King Story and No More Heroes should be rewarded, but no, we just get more and more clones.

  • I was gonna jump in and say how orsm Little King Story was… and it was!
    But I found other comments saying how they don’t want rehashed crap (and praising Marvelous for innovation) amusing.
    Harvest Mooooon!

  • Oddly enough even if people cry “we want quality!/story!/originality!” the mass majority of purchases and how much an original IP over rehashed IP makes pretty much speaks for itself.

    X sequal comes out and you get millions of fans lining up in wee hours of the morning to be the first person to grab their pre-order given half a year a go when it was anounced. And you’ve already made millions in profit for a game that’s basically 50-80% already built because of an existing engine/game and it hasn’t even come out yet..

    Y original IP game is coming! Let’s shred apart every lil foible on reviews. Is it related to any game I know.. nope? don’t care. Is it HD w/ all the pretty graphics.. nope? why bother? and here comes release date w/ pitiful sales all up and tons of invested dollars down the drain.

    I know that doesn’t apply to us people who bothered w/ these games but lets face it.. were just one drop in an ocean of “gamers” who are more after the pretty HD and familiar worlds of Halo, ME, etc. as opposed to ‘new’ stuff.

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