Mass Effect 3 Should Be All Giggles

BioWare's sci-fi role-playing game trilogy Mass Effect looks like it will end on a lighter note than previous entries, a Return of the Jedi to Mass Effect 2's Empire Strikes Back, instilled with more fun, lightness and humour.

Or, as OXM calls it, "humour". BioWare's Casey Hudson tells the publication that Mass Effect 3 is where the developer will "try and bring some fun and lightness back into it", an apparent ratcheting up of giggles and a decrease in gloom, something the developer tried to balance in Mass Effect 2 so as not to make it "an overbearing experience."

"Mass Effect 3 is going to be the epic conclusion," Hudson tells OXM, "so, a lot more darkness but also a lot more humour."

Mass Effect 2 - Casey Hudson Interview [OXM]


    I still haven't played Mass Effect 1, I started it when it first came out but haven't touched it since. I'll get around to it eventually. Then I'll probably pick up ME2 when it's in the $20 bin (it'll probably take me that long to pick up and finish ME1).

      I picked up ME1 for $10 via steam - grab it, its a sweet game!

        Yep, you need to play them both. You're missing out big time.

          I've got ME1 sitting on my shelf, I just haven't got around to playing it (along with many other games).

          I'm getting into Red Dead Redemption right now, So after I've finished that I probably should make ME1 next on my list of games to complete.

    I read the title as "Mass Effect 3 Should Be All Wiggles" and was excited to know if you could use the Big Red Car as a vehicle, and whether you could carry a gunner on the back.

    Wonder if we will see this kind of attitude go into the DLC that is planned to tie ME2 and ME3 together.

    Please be elcor squadmate, please be elcor
    squadmate, please be elcor squadmate...

    One of my favourite things about ME is the humour. ME2 had some very amusing moments, but I still think there's lots of untapped potential for comedy in the series.

    Yeah I found ME1 to have some pretty good dark humour, although there were some great lines in ME2 as well.

    "You think I give a damn. That's cute." - Shepard.

    "Ah shit. A Pussy." - Jack

      Major LOLS all around with the ME2 quote!
      Such a classic.

      Renegade options and actions are the best in Mass Effect.

    I find the current tone of the games fine. Granted, it'd be a nice change. More stuff like Mordin breaking out into song or warning you about your relationships would be great.

    ME1 was good but the stages got long and boring and became a chore to play with multiple playthroughs especially the mako stages.

    ME2 im halfway through, and that problem has been corrected. but they screw up other things. also the writing/script isnt very good. i often think 'that was a weird thing for shepard to say' or he should have done it differently.

    Happily exited,
    I cannot wait.

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