Mass Effect's Citadel Is Made From LEGO

The Citadel, home of the Council and the single largest structure in the Mass Effect universe, is impressive enough when you see it in-game. Seeing it recreated in LEGO form just brings a smile to your face.

Catsy has recreated the Prothean space station with nothing but standard LEGO bricks and some fancy lighting. Sure, the detail isn't the same you'd get were there actual Mass Effect LEGO sets available, but the effect he's managed with nothing but 1040 translucent orange pieces and some black bricks is remarkable.

The whole thing took only a few days to build, but then... it broke, so he had to build it again. A precursor to the events of Mass Effect 3, perhaps?

Mass Effect Citadel [Flickr]


    LEGO, are you paying attention? Would buy.

    I suppose thats pretty cool, I don't think you could replicate it any better with only lego :P

    Ah lego. Whenever I'm putting together Ikea furniture I get nostalgic. On that note thanks to years of my childhood playing with lego I'm a master of assembling kit furniture!

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