Medal Of Honor, Soulcalibur Join Games On Demand

Microsoft has today added Medal Of Honor: Airborne and Soulcalibur IV to the 360's Games on Demand service, both for the "getting warmer, Microsoft" price of $US20.

Kotaku AU Note: Medal of Honor: Airborne has been on the Australian Games On Demand service for some months now. Soulcalibur IV is now available for $AU29.95.


    I've not played any of the Medal of Honour games.

    Whould you recommend them?

      If you only have space for one game, make it Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (and its expansion). Failing that, get Pacific Assault. Unfortunately they are a bit hard to find due to age... also not on Steam either >.<

      Airborne is... ok, but it's definitely dated compared to even Modern Warfare. It was released 5 years too late, it would've been cutting-edge at the start of the decade, but when it was released it was a little bit embarrassing.

      That being said I quite enjoyed it, aside from a few annoying bits. TBH I wouldn't bother buying it, maybe if you can borrow it from a friend it's worth the time, but...

      Thinking about it makes me want to rant about the final level, it absolutely ruined my experience with the game. The checkpoints are WAAAAAAY too far into the level, you have to repeat the beginning over and over AND OVER AND OVER AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH. Not to mention it goes from vaguely-realistic WW2 FPS to fantasy WW2 with stupidly invincible nazi super soldiers who would be better suited to Wolfenstein, carrying MG-42 machine guns (which took two people to operate in the real WW2!) and able to take sniper rifle and rocket shots to the face and keep walking. It was absolutely disgraceful and had no place in a Medal of Honor game. It's like playing Forza and suddenly the last race is against hovercars or something.

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