Medal Of Honor's Multiplayer Trailer

There's a beta coming real soon for EA's Medal Of honour reboot. If you thought it would look a lot like Battlefield Bad Company, you're right on the money.

Not that that's a bad thing, of course, as this looks like a blast.


    Kabul City ruins, Hellmand Valley....that short video of road side bomb...its cutting it close to reality. I like my shooters but as I say..too close to reality maybe?

      Reality has points for kills? It's basically C4 like in the other battlefield games.

    looks like bc2 with cod gameplay

      I agree and as i never got used to how crap the bc2 controls and response, and i love mw2 no dedis suck though im loving the look of this

        Dice are using the Frostbite engine. So it might be an exact copy of BFBC2 but new skins. Hopefully its not, and it actually has a flow and animations aren't jerky or slow.

    Hell Yea!!! fast knifing!

    I'm lovin' it

    Was I the only one that starting thinking of Transformers 2 at the start because of the music?

    So basically everyones a bearded hobo like dood wearing sunnies :P.

    Na looks pretty good though :)

      That sounds epic, a town full of bearded hobo doods wearing sunnies with RPGs and other assorted explosives. I would totally buy that. :D

    Might as well just call it another battlefield game

    yeh they changed to much with bc2 hopefully this reflects bc1 one more, way funner game play

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