Medal Of Honor's Singleplayer Trailer: Quadbikes At War

In this Medal of Honor trailer, we meet some of the characters you'll be playing as and playing with during the game's singleplayer campaign. They all like to whisper, and they all like to hurt people.


    Looks like Dice gave them assets from Bad Company 2. Quad bikes look a tad to familiar.

      Seems like everything looks a little familiar, have a look at the multiplayer trailer as well, looks like a graphically tweaked version of the same game :S

      Have you seen the footage from the multiplayer? What I saw looked almost exactly like BFBC2.
      i'm kinda upset about this, I was really looking forward to it, but if it's just going to be a clone, I'm in doubt.

        Same here man. Between this or Black Ops, I guess it's Black Ops for me. At least that looks different. And I watched the multiplayer trailer, still looks laggy and as if you struggle to move the character properly. Wonder if they have the knife fixed xD

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