Meet Portal 2's Wheatley, The Eye Who's A Guy

Today Valve releases the first in a series of videos covering the E3 demo for Portal 2. In the first portion we meet Wheatley, the personality sphere that's cuddlier than a companion cube, if that's even possible.

While Crecente briefly touched on Wheatley's first appearance during his Portal 2 preview during E3, I had no idea how charming the personality sphere with the British accent actually was until now.

As much as I enjoyed the solitude of the original game, I really like the idea of having an inept little comic-relief character tagging along for the sequel; a human voice from the most unlikely of sources.

"I think she likes you!"

Not by a long shot, Wheatley.

On one hand, I'm absolutely thrilled. On the other hand, this clip just makes the delay hurt that much more.


    Can't wait the voice acting sounds great.

    I think the voice acting is terrible. Am I playing a sequel to portal or Play School the game?

      I agree, im not big on the accent either, it doesnt fit in with all the other voice work

        Ditto. Every voice in Portal was clearly a computer, this one isn't and stands out like a sore thumb.

          Thats because he is not a computer AI but the personality of the Apature Science Founder Stored in a personality sphere.

          He is meant to be more human and eccentric. I actually liked it but no doubt Portal will be delayed further by people QQing over it forcing them to redub it.

          I could put up with the companion, but GlaDos's voice was WAY OFF. I hated it.

            Uh Xheis, it sounds exactly like it did in Portal after Chell pulled all the nice spheres off her, go play Portal again.

            Am I the only one who actually likes the voice?

            I think it suits the character. The personality spheres seem like they're supposed have a cheery personality and a hint of child-like naivety. Makes an interesting contrast to GLaDOS and the sentry turrets, as much as I love them I'd get sick of the playing a game any longer than the original Portal was. They'd need more variety in characters to keep me hooked.

    kinda sounds like simon pegg...

    The voice is just missing the robotic filter i think

    "We both said a lot of things "your" going to regret"

    Perfect line right there - they really have the spurned lover down pat for GLaDOS

      *You're* going to regret that.

        Excuse me. We won't let Adof out of his box again.

    I watched it twice, just to be sure he didn't say "Hey, listen." at any point. I'm not really sure I want a talky side kick in my Portal...

    i like the voice acting to

    This game looks incredible. And it's still sssoooo satisfying to see them remind us it's coming out for the ps3. I was worried I'd have to get a 360 to play this.

    He sounds like a stupid actor from a stupid British children's show. That, and his stupid voice destroys the stupid poignancy of that stupid last scene which makes me think that it's a stupid trick.

    I don't think it's real. If it is, let it be known that I will kill myself.

      Maybe you guys should post that Lombardi himself said that the voice work is just a place holder done by one of the animators?

    God damn it. They put Alyx in Portal.

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