Meet Your 2010 American Pokémon Champions

Last weekend, the 2010 Pokémon national championships went down at the Indiana Convention Centre. Hundreds entered, but only one two could emerge the winner.

Those two were Wade Stanley, who was the junior champ, and Len Deuel, winner of the "seniors" division. After three days of Pokémon warfare, the pair will be off on an all-expenses trip to Hawaii in August for the Pokémon World Championships (the next 14 players also get spots, just not all-expenses-paid ones).

Want to know how they did it? Stanley's strategy was "Basically I went with an anti-Trick Room team that featured Explosion and Fake Out". Hope you're taking notes, trainers!


    An all expenses paid trip to Hawaii? Man I need to start playing Pokemon again. Not that Nintendo would do the same thing here in Australia.

    I want to know which pokemon he used, dammit!

    Yeah wtf, I want specs and hell yeah to the kids Garchomp shirt, (probably the coolest dragon type ever!)

      The worst shiny though.

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