Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Is Part Pokemon. Wait, What?

Originally, PSP title Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker was going to be named Metal Gear Solid 5. But it's not. That doesn't mean it is like the other Metal Gear games.

According to Hideo Kojima, "nearly everything you can do with a portable system is in this game". The game designer told game magazine PSM3 that until now Metal Gear Solid has always been about "Tactical Espionage Action". This isn't the case with Peace Walker.

"Here it's about 'Tactical Espionage Operation' — there's that nuance of running and maintaining Big Boss' army while handling sneaking missions," says Kojima. "You won't 'get' it until you play it. It's like no game before. It's part MGS, part Monster Hunter and part Pokemon - and it's even got a bit of SimCity to it."

News: Kojima: Pokemon major influence on Peace Walker [CVG]


    Well I originally thought Portable Ops was a bit like Pokemon, in the way that you can "catch" wild/enemy soldiers and then use them to fight, kinda like in Pokemon. You can also train their stats up by using them during missions (or battles) more often, kinda like how experience works.

    Then there's the unique soldiers that are bosses which must be beaten special ways to be "caught", like Pokemon "bosses" that have to be beaten special ways (caught with a pokeball instead of making them faint).

    Oh and finally there is also the whole thing that your soldiers only have 4 slots for weapons while your Pokemon also only have 4 slots for their attacks.... but yeah... >_> that's kinda silly.

    hey nintendos

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