Metal Gear Solid: Raiden Has Changed

Earlier today, Microsoft apparently slipped up and showed Metal Gear Rising's box art on the Xbox Live Marketplace. It's gone now, but the internet, she never forgets.

If this is indeed what happened, it's... yeah, it's a game cover! Metal Gear fans will be thrilled, though, no doubt poring over every pixel searching for clues as to what's actually going to happen in the game.

All I can see is that Raiden is sparky. Oh, and that the most talented people at Kojima Productions may well work in logo design.

[via IGN]


    Yeah, thats definitely a keytar on Raiden's back.

      haha - you got a good eye ;)

    Microsoft fumbles again! At least it's not as bad as that Gears 3 incident.

    doesnt have the new banner .....

    Thhhhhhhhhhhhhhunder Thighs

    They shoot lightning, and crush a man's head like a melon.

    How is a sparkley Raiden any different than what we're used to?
    Oh, SPARKY, gotcha.
    Needs an electric chair, if you ask me, but if that's what it takes to advance the series beyond guns of the patriots, I'll take it.

    And like the Gears 3 announcement, this was an 'accident'.

    i dont even know what mgs is about but i want to get it just to piss my friends that have ps3s and love mgs :)

    "Lightning Bolt Action"? Microsoft adding subtitles for their boxart now?

    Tangentally, I'd love a braille cover. Get on it MS!

      Lightning Bolt Action was the subtitle for the game since it was announced about a year ago. And you are aware that Microsoft don't design the box art for games they have nothing to do with, right?

    As a Metal Gear fan, I'm pretty apprehensive about this. Partly due to the absence of Snake. And partly the loss of the "Tactical Espionage Action" tagline in favor of "Lightning Bolt Action" has me worried it's going to degenerate into some generic 3rd person action game in the vein of Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, Ninja Gaiden, God of War etc. Not that those aren't all great games, but I worry that Metal Gear is going to lose its point of difference.

      I understand, but I don't think it will. I'm hoping it won't. Hopefully E3 will show us this.

      In a way, me too, but at the same time it will be nice to have something different in an MGS game.
      You can tell from MGS 2 that Kojima wanted to move away from Snake a little, and I'm very curious to know myself how the series will fare without him.
      I'm actually looking forward to this very much. Much more than Peace Walker, for sure.

    Nothing suprising, Raiden's eyes were a different colour when they teased this last year (they went from blue to brown/yellow but changed back for some unknown reason), some people also noticed several differences compared to his original body.
    Maybe the future of the Metal Gear timeline is a lack of human life, to more about synths and cyborgs fighting for electricity. Who knows what twisted plot Kojima has up his sleeves (Will Sunny become a cyborg, Who will be in the next epic Raiden fight scene)? I'm just wondering wtf that thing is on his back, looks like railgun or a spartan laser.

    Looks like a variant of Fortune's railgun on his back...

    I think this is a marketing scheme to get people anticipated.

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