Metal Gear Solid Rising Bridges Three Games, Explains Raiden's Makeover

The next console Metal Gear game, Metal Gear Solid Rising, will bridge the gap between Metal Gear Solid 2 and MGS 4, the game's developers revealed at E3 this week. Plus, we'll finally find out how Raiden became cool.

Metal Gear Solid Rising producer Shigenobu Matsuyama told reporters here in LA that the game will explain how Raiden transformed from the unpopular hero of MGS2 to the cyber-ninja badass for whom gamers now loudly cheer.

The game's director, Mineshi Kimura, said that his goal is to make Raiden play as impressively as Raiden moved in the MGS4 trailers. Those were the trailers that had Raiden using his sword to slice enemy fighters and mechs to pieces, so that is an admirable goal.

The two man provided some hints about gameplay. Matsuyama said that Raiden will be able to cut open cyborgs and mechs and claim the guts inside, which might include life, energy, parts, ammunition, items and sometimes even information. He said we will have to strategise about what we have Raiden take, and that that will distinguish this game from other action games.

Director Kimura said that he wants players to be able to "Cut at will", using Raiden's swords to slice anything at any angle. The sword can be used to kill or merely injure, depending on where you slice. He refrained from explaining the controls but said they'll have to be fun. Yes, please!

Some fans have been wondering if Rising chucks the MGS series' trademark stealth. No, the developers said, there will be "stealth elements". But they said that it will be speedier stealth that utilises Raiden's agility. Comparing the nimble Raiden to aging MGS hero Solid Snake, Kimura said, "so you don't have to worry about back problems like Snake had in the past".

Kimura said he wants the stealth to involve heights, which sounded like he wants Raiden running on rooftops and such, though he did not specify.

Both seemed proud to be working on a Raiden game and explain this character's back-story. The adventure will bridge MGS2 and MGS4. (If you are wondering why they didn't mention MGS3, that's because that game takes place before MGS3 and 4). Rising will explain Raiden's drastic character transformation from solider to cybernetically-enhanced swordsman.

The Rising creators want players to feel the awesomeness of Raiden's blade. They want it to feel like an effective weapon to wield against anyone and anything. They talk about the "feared power" we will have with Raiden's blade. They sound determined to make Raiden's second star turn at a Metal Gear Solid game one fans will love. Don't hate on Raiden this time, people.


    Change his face.

    Yay! Excitement now that they've revealed this has stealth and ninja-ness and isn't some action only game. This games is looking good :)

    as long as he spends the game being a badass compared to being a whiny emo pushover, i'm willing to give this game a try.

    As long as I don't have to talk to
    Rose to save my game again, I'm cool

      Ah, so true. The only person that could be worse is Naomi (if she rants and rants like she did in MGS4).

    Am I the only person who saw Raiden as a well developed character? I thought he was great. A guy who was incredibly talented, but haunted by his past actions, scared of his own abilities and unsure of the correct moral course?

    Did he just not backflip off enough missiles for everyone or what?

      I agree whole heartedly. There are reasons why raiden was such an 'emo' and they don't just involve the girl next door breaking up with him (i.e. closing her blinds) or Taking Back Sunday breaking up. It was a refreshing change to the stoic, perhaps more cookie cutter (but still well developed) action protagonist in snake,

    I didn't find Raiden particularly emo at all. He was competent enough to take down six Metal Gear Ray's and survive a situation that was profoundly shitty.

    The reason most people hated Raiden is simple; Raiden was a stand-in for you (the player) and the game basically tore apart how you related to Metal Gear Solid 1. You being a computer nerd that is probably very physically inept and thus dreaming you were Snake (missing the whole point of MGS1; that Snake is a very screwed up man). MGS2 basically mocked you for your juvenile and superficial escapism, and simply asked you if you'd really want to be like Snake.

    The game more or less ripped apart your fantasy and denied you any escapist "I'm so awesome!!!"-ness. This hurt your feelings and you displaced your loathing onto Raiden. "It's his fault I'm not Snake!!!"

    I liked Raiden. I thought his characterization perfectly suited the game's plot. And yes, I like how the game mocked and loathed its players. If you hate Raiden just because girls find him hotter than they'd find you, you're a very insecure person.

      Yeah I thought the choice to take away control of Snake was a clever one and helped maintain his mystique. MGS4 really hammered home how broken a man Snake was.

    im a big metal gear solid fan but im very worryed this game will ruin the franchise for one i own a ps3 and xbox but if this game fits onto an xbox disc then what is making it so special metal gear solid 4 could only fit onto a blu ray disc cause it was a huge game..metal gear should stay exclusive to ps3 so they could better develope it my opinion the game will be limited on the 360 console even though the 360 is awesome.. as far as limitations goes the ps3 is betta

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