Metal Gear Solid Rising's E3 Trailer: See How You Cut

This has been shown a couple of times now at E3, at Microsoft's press conference as well as Konami's. Now it's your turn to see it.

A slight warning: it's not for the faint of heart, as Raiden's sword is put to very good use.


    sadly we'll need to import the U.S. version here as this won't get rated here

    Time to pre-order the import!

    Thanks, Australian Classification System!

    It's fictional and unbelievable violence, we will receive.

    Haha, watermelon. I reckon almost any Aussie gamer who watched this video immediately thought something along the lines of "this ain't gonna be rated here".

    This is outrageous!
    The violence toward that watermelon was totaly out of context. RFUSED CLAsSIFICATION!!!

    Thanks Australian Classification Board, you ruined my day.


    the watermellon bit is worth the price of admission alone! :P

    I remember reading somewhere that the game wolverine is not released in Japan because of the brutal slashing..
    Wouldn't this be just as brutal?

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