Metal Gear Solid: Rising's Single Screenshot

Only one screenshot for Metal Gear Solid: Rising was released today. Bummer. Ah well, here it is! UPDATE: We have four more shots of Rising for you, snapped by us at the Xbox 360 E3 press briefing.


    wonder if this will make it past the classification board

      Was thinking the same thing while watching the E3 presentation. "HAHAHA OH WOW THAT'S AWESOME. Too bad I'll have to import it"

    Since its Aus, we can only hope.

    We can hope it will take so long to get here the AGs will have sifted through the submissions and given us an R+18 rating for games

    I think it will make it pass, because there doesn't seem to be any gore besides the s[rays of blood. The dismemberment will be a problem though...

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