Microsoft Changing Xbox 360 Box Art

As we get closer to the release of Project Natal, we get closer to the day the Xbox 360 makes its biggest push yet for an image makeover. Leading the way will be... new box art.

Since the 360's launch, every single game released on the system has featured the above white stripe running across the top of its box art.

Some upcoming titles, though, feature a new stripe. The one below.

Note the 360's logo remains the same (though it has been made a lighter shade of grey), as does a focus on white and green, but gone are the lines from the "circles" logo the console has used since 2005. In its place is the "wave" that also features on the company's E3 invites for 2010.

You can see some examples of this in practice here, for Kane & Lynch 2, and here, for Mafia II.

Is Xbox 360 packaging getting a visual refresh? [Destructoid]


    if they make the change, they should make a solid one unlike ps3's box art which changes everygame

    might be cos the Natal is called "The Wave"
    hence the trendy wave being back in fashion all of a sudden...

      that is the ps3, microsoft hasnt announced its name yet

        Sony's motion controller is called the Move, not the Wave.

    thats not a change.

    Where's the XBL logo gonna go? Some games still don't come with any XBL support.

    It does look better off though considering the Xbox logo is more lighter grey than the dark shade it currently is, when starting up the console. Simple & easy - not the mess that the PS3's games have gone through, and yet it still looks a bit silly. Especially the "PS3" on the side of the game.

    How about they change the ugliness that is the shape of the actual console.

    Absoloutley earth shattering news.. xD

    This looks pretty similar to the logo on the spine of the new "classics" range of xbox 360 games.

    The rings on the X360 are rarely green, they should be red :P

    That's not even that different to the current one - I can understand it being interesting if they suddenly made it red or something similarly dramatic, but it's still white and green.

    Good job Microsoft, you just changed something that nobody really cared about at all. Hope you're feeling proud.

    The PS3 change was necessary cause they changed the logo (besides, it looks heaps better now)... this is just stupid.

    The new one reminds me of Viva Pinata somehow...
    I like it that they are trying to make things fresh.

    If this goes ahead I'm selling my xbox.

    Wow, what a brave move. Microsoft really like to gamble with the big bucks!!!

    Ooh. I actauly do like the look of this. Very nice.

    it's more silver than grey now

    I sure hope the Kane and Lynch 2 box art is a prototype because it's hideous.

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