Microsoft Confirms Kinect Bundles, New $199 Xbox 360

Ask the right questions, get the right answers. An internal marketing Q&A for Microsoft confirms that Kinect will be bundled with consoles, and a $US199 configuration of its new Xbox 360 will be available this fall.

In its document, Microsoft said Kinect would be available as a standalone device and as "part of a bundle with the newly designed Xbox 360 console," but "we have no additional details about pricing or retail strategy to share at this time." Kinect bundles already sprouted up at GameStop, earlier this week, an Arcade bundle for $US299 and an Elite bundle for $US399.

An Arcade version of the new black Xbox 360 was also alluded to, although, read verbatim, the Microsoft document says simply:

Q: Will you sell a $US199 version of the new Xbox 360?

A: We will offer a $US199 Xbox 360 this fall.

There were no further details about this console's features, such as hard drive/onboard storage (if any) or WiFi, which is 250GB and internal, respectively, on the new Slim design. A $US199 model would probably lack both. The current Arcade layout supports HDMI output so that would probably carry over, at least.

In case you're wondering, that's the promo shot of the 250GB layout, which one assumes will look the same externally. Microsoft has provided no images of the bundles or the $US199 slim.

Kotaku AU Note: Xbox Australia boss David McLean confirmed to me at E3 that we'd see a Kinect plus console bundle in Australia. However, he has yet to confirm details of price and content.


    I paid $349 for my Elite last September. At $449 for the slim, I am pretty annoyed. I wanted to upgrade. Sure they didnt lie, the *Americans* get it for the same price as the current model but we get a $100 markup.

      The Elite is/was $449 RRP. The new console will be $449 RRP and the Elite drops to $349 RRP. The actual price you pay is set by the retailer. You got a good deal on your Elite last year.

        Yeah you got a really good deal last September. I got my Elite in September when Halo 3 ODST came out and it was over $400. Until recently, Elites have not been $349 (save for crazy Big W/Harvey Norman 1 off specials). Most places (EB, JB) have been selling them for $399-$449 wit a number of games thrown in.

        BTW, JB are selling the 120gb Elite Forza 3/Halo 3 ODST bundle for $249 to get rid of them before the new model ships.

      Yeah like Dave said, its the RRP.
      For example, a lot of new video games have the RRP of $109.95 here in Australia. That is why you see EB Games selling them at that, unless someone price matches or they have a sale/special.

      I got 120GB Elite last year aswell when they did the price drop when ODST launched. I got it in a bundle and paid $390. Usually when you buy the console by itself from retailers like EB or Dick Smith, you will pay the $449. But they do have bundles and very rarely do you see ANY console at its RRP unless its a really good bundle and you don't mind paying the RRP with the goodies you get with it.

      Upon launch it will probably be $449 especially at EB Games - but Big W, Kmart or Target will most likely have some game bundles with it for the RRP or cheaper.

    The bundles should work out so that Kinect is cheaper - if it is $99 in the US, they're just adding that on to what the console costs anyway, I think...?

    Unless that bundle comes with 3 games perhaps, then maybe. But i'm still weary on getting it since we're gonna get shat on with the exchange rate.

    I knew i didn't believe the previous article on a cheaper Xbox 360 - it wasn't enough of a difference. I'm glad MS are going for a cheaper/smaller SKU of the 360. It was their game plan for the past 12 months. Core model/Casual model.

    I would expect internal WiFi considering they're reducing BOTH versions of the WiFi adapter, even the one that is black. Unless they release a shiny version. (Is it just me or in the past 6 months, MS would have spent a lot of money for things that are now getting reduced and thrown away for a new model of the 360 which they would have started to plan anyway...)

    Maybe just a smaller HDD, smaller than 120GB. If they don't include a HDD like the current Arcade, it might be a bad choice.
    But i'll be getting the 250GB when I get round to upgrading and selling my current 360 without feeling I got ripped off.

    Well there's still just under a million fat 360's out there (taking into account broken machines that people haven't bothered replacing) so all that stuff isn't useless yet. I mean you can still buy original xbox's second hand and get brand new controller's for them at EB.

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