Microsoft Explains Why Kinect Doesn't Do Gears Of War 3, Halo: Reach

When Kinect was unveiled as Project Natal during last year's E3 and Tokyo Game Show it looked like the sort of controller that would be used for a wider variety of games.

Up on stage, Microsoft showed off not only a bunch of casual games for the motion-controller, but also innovative titles like Milo, which has you interacting with a human child. Later that year, at the Tokyo Game Show, a panel of famed Japanese developers talked about all of the big games they could make for the device.

But at this year's E3 the games shown for Kinect all seem to be geared for casual gamers and Lionhead's charming child, Milo, was no where to be seen. What happened?

Project Milo is still in the works, according to Microsoft.

"Project Milo is something that is in ongoing development at Lionhead Studios," according to a Microsoft statement. "Lionhead has always been a centre of innovation and will continue to deliver against that charter."

And what about hardcore gaming with Kinect?

"With "Halo: Reach," "Gears of War 3" and "Call of Duty: Black Ops," this is the biggest year for core games on Xbox 360," according to Microsoft. "In addition to these controller-based games, Kinect is a new way to play, using your full body and voice. We believe gamers will also enjoy games, sports, movies and music – all hands free. Beyond these experiences, we will continue to evolve our platform, just as we've done with Xbox LIVE. What you're seeing today is just the beginning."

Evolving gameplay doesn't exactly sound like the Project Natal of 2009. Why didn't Microsoft implement Kinect controls for Halo: Reach or Gears of War 3?

"At Xbox, we're developing controller-based games for the core and Kinect titles that appeal to everyone," according to a Microsoft statement. "And just as we've done with Xbox LIVE, we will continue to evolve our platform and work with the industry's most creative minds to create new games and entertainment. What you're seeing today is just the beginning."

For now Microsoft is only saying that Kinect will have "more than 15 games" available this November for the launch of the controller. They also confirm that Kinect will not be backwards compatible with any already released Xbox 360 games.


    The amount of spin in this is extremely frustrating. Read: We can't work out how to implement games on a 3D plain. I still maintain they could if they made the user move their hands around the surface of a spheroid, but nooooooo.

    I actually prefer this. It shows that they aren't using Kinect (always 'Natal') as a gimmick, but rather as a control scheme intended for entirely different gameplay.
    Fingers crossed they do it right and figure out innovative ways to use the input before the well of interest dries up...

    Why is motion controle always focuse on casual gammers? The wii of course focused mainly on kids games and party games. That's fine because it's Nintendo but with Kinect I was hoping they wouldn't just focuse on those sorts of games and would bring out some of the types of games I like playing like FPS, RPGs and action. I can only hope the Sony Move will be different.

    I'm fine with people enjoying kids games and party games but I just wish they would not just focuse on those types of games and the people who play them and realise that those who enjoy games like the ones I said I liked would be happy buying and using motion controlers if you released some of those sorts of games on it.

      I agree. I was hoping Natal would entice me to get a 360, but it's disappointed with it's line up so far. Move is kind of appealing now, what with Heavy Rain getting a Move patch, LBP2 and Killzone 3.

    I hate how all the 'core' experiences have to be shooter and everything else has been made casual.

    While I think that the Kinect is fantastic for new gameplay experiences (dancing is going to be big), I wouldn't want anything more involved than that to feature motion controls.

    You see I would rather they keep it this way also but incorporate head tracking into the games (Johnny Lee?) Style.

    I would happily use Kinect for this as just an added feature to the games. For example, imagine all of the FPS shooters that M$ prides them selves on being the same as they are today, just with the added feature of tracking your head adn orientating the screen relative to your head. the core game is not changes, this can be an option you can turn off or not have even with out kinect, but if you want it, its there. I have used PC gear like track IR and while it does not change much, it is a nice feature and if this was available, it would add to the list of good things about kinect.

    I am not saying i would buy one for this, there needs to be much more in depth games to get my money, but once I have one, I want all possible games to include subtle features like this, because the tech will just be sitting there otherwise.

      That's the kind of thing I think they should be aiming for initially.
      I honestly believe they don't know how to implement Kinect in core games, and head tracking would be a good start whilst they figure out other means to use it.
      Also, wasn't there a youtube video on how headtracking can be used to make flat images work as 3d... without needing glasses or a new tv?

      On a different note, it's got to be embarassing for MS that the games at E3 that were more popular and worked better for Kinect were all 3rd party.

    @Dire Wolf
    "Why is motion control always focused on casual gamers?"

    The answer is obvious. The control system is simple. What is less intimidating? A controller or a control system that is innovative and simple?

    Kinect sounds perfect for a Viva Pinata game. Get Rare to work on that. They should be embarassed about working on a poor mans Wii Sports.

    On one of the ads a kid scanned his skateboard and it was on the screen. Now if I could scan a battle rifle or a kinect ready one with a g sensors, literally point an shoot, even couple of buttons for quick access and maybe even reach to my hip to grab grenades or reload, now I would buy one of those.
    Just imagine the marketing potential for limited edition game packs.
    The potential for xbox kinect in voice and hand control for fast paced command control combat platforms. Even FPS workout types to get fit while you dish out some energetic head shot's with a few melee's thrown in.

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