Microsoft: Halo 3 Outsells Uncharted, Killzone & Resistance Combined

Microsoft: Halo 3 Outsells Uncharted, Killzone & Resistance Combined

The public relations war we sometimes call E3 has begun a few days early, it seems, with Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg taking to Twitter to fire a shot across Sony’s bow in the leadup to the big trade show.

I’m sure it was intended to rally the Xbox 360 fanboys to the flag for the next seven days, but it’s had an unforeseen impact on me: sadness.

Not sadness that in 2010 console executives are still engaged in this kind of duelling (it’s a guilty pleasure, one I wish more would partake in), but sadness that Uncharted 2, which is probably the best game of any mentioned above, is simply lumped in as a failed contributor, one corpse among many that litter the road towards Microsoft’s June 9 Twitter public relations effort.

On this note, then, I think I’ll go play Uncharted 2 again.


  • I guess that makes it a pity the developers of their best selling exclusive (if not best selling game overall?) are now working for the competition.

    Ultimately, I don’t know why they think consumers actually care how well a game sells. If somebody makes a brilliant game, it only needs to sell 1 copy that I care about – mine. The fact that Halo 3 outsells Uncharted 2 by X units doesn’t really bother me, because it’s purely a discussion of quantity, not quality.

    • Good point. But I am sure most game developers and people want that quality game to be POPULAR. Quantity is important for game developers, because so they could earn a lot of money. If you were a game developer, I am sure you would want to get heaps of money. It is all about money.

  • Not to be a fanboy, but this is stupid. If he wants to use that kind of stupid argument, one can point out uncharted 2 probably got more awards than halo, gears and whatever other key 360 games combined.

    • Halo and Gears nail the Official Xbox Magazine’s awards in any of the years they deign to actually release a title…

    • I doubt this is true. The Halo franchise has been heraled hy critics for almost 10 years. Do you honestly beleive that it has not picked up any awards during that time? Uncharted 2 is a great game but its only the best game that came out last year, and even that call is suspicious. Halo is a multi award winning franchise that has defined a console and indeed a generation of gamers.

        • As much as I want to stay out of what is quickly sounding like a fanboyish argument, that statement in itself is a fallacy.

          Sales don’t make the game. We know this.
          Critical acclaim could make the game, but often they’re too subjective. We know this.
          The idiots online don’t make the game. Any popular games have idiots, the more popular, the more idiots. Hence why there seemed to be a lot of them on Halo and why it seems there’s a lot of them on COD. We should know this.

      • True. Before Halo, gamers were reputed to be fat virginal geeks. Now, they are reputed to be fat virginal homophobic racist arseholes.

        Hooray for Bungie!

  • What I find hard to fathom is why these PS3 exclusives have such middling sales. The amount of hype and industry praise for Uncharted2 was probably the most for the whole of last year, yet it has barely sold more than half of what ODST has in the same time.

    And I would assume that being businesses, both MS and Sony would use game sales as a valid metric for both recouping development and potential hardware sales. So for Greenberg this is would be exciting news.

    • Because PS3s were bought by people who wanted Final Fantasy/Gran Turismo/Metal Gear Solid/another famous PS1/PS2 title, or a cheap blu ray player. Not new and original titles.

      Oh no I didn’t!

      • Actually there’s probably some truth to that.
        The PS3 has always been touted as much more then a gaming platform and a lot of people would have bought it for other reasons then gaming.
        I know I did originally although I have used it more and more for gaming recently.
        The 360 has pretty much always been a gaming machine though. They have tried to expand it’s versatility but people that buy it pretty much buy it for games then may use it for other things.

  • I play an xbox 360 and I hate Halo 3 (ODST was a good rental though). Just because more people are attracted to a game (Halo 3), doesn’t mean that the other console’s AAA exclusive title (Uncharted 2) is worse. I really wish Uncharted 2 was beating Halo 3 on the business front as well, because Naughty Dog truly deserves to be held above Bungie, as good as they are.

    Sorry if my comment upset anyone, I’m not trying to flame-bait anyone. I just have a strong opinion that Halo 3 isn’t that hot a game.

  • My mate has a PS3, bought Uncharted 2 and said it was utter crap.

    Kinda sucks, I was keen on giving it a whirl.

    • Then why dont you? ok your mate might say it sucks but you really have to play it for yourself to make that judgement.

    • lol Blackwater your mate is an idiot… and if you listen to him so are you. Uncharted 2 is one of the best games EVER MADE. Not just last year’s best but one of the all time greats.

  • Yeah, because critics say a game is better makes it right. I mean I don’t really care either way, but maybe more people like Halo 3 than Uncharted 2?

  • halo is prob my favourite game of all time but i loved uncharted 1 n 2 resistance and killzone so i doesnt bother me cause i got both consoles and i like them equally and if people start a fanboy thing out of this they need help because doing that crap is pointless

      • They’re NPD numbers. NPD is the official industry sales tracker in the US. So these are just US sales he’s talking about. Given the PS3’s strength is in Japan and Europe, perhaps the worldwide figures wouldn’t favour Halo 3.

  • Fanboy’ism is stupid. I own a 360 and Halo 3, but even I think Uncharted 2 and Killzone are the better games. I wish all games were on every console.

    • I think your right. There is a huge market either side of the line if every game was relesed on any console. My prediction is that in 5 to 10 years there wont be any or very few console exclusives.

  • I’d go further and say the only people pleasured by this is are the marketeers. By all means, enjoy your Halo guys. It’s kind of a no brainer that the Xbox has a larger install base, therefore will have a super large franchise user-base. The only time to care about these sales figures is when fans pause to wonder if there will be a follow up to a game they enjoyed. Everyone else? take your marketing sales chart porn and shove it – Gamers on the whole don’t care (unless they’re just tedious fanboys – who frankly? Can go die in a fire).

  • I am surprised that so many people liked Uncharted 2 so much. There’s the matter of individual tastes but I felt that Uncharted 2 was very, very average. To me, the story sucked so bad (cliche’s galore) and the Tomb Raider-esque parts were inferior to Tomb Raider and the Gears of War-esque parts were inferior to Gears of War. Had to force myself to finish it. Then again, I can’t understand why so many people keep playing Halo 3 multi-player. Killzone 2 is the only game this generation I couldn’t be bothered completing.

    As for Halo 3 ‘outselling’ all those games, I suspect that many and maybe most copies of Halo 3 were included free with various bundles.

  • someone made a good point on another forum that maybe it’s because PS3 has so many more good games to play rather than just halo 3. Besides, Uncharted 2/God of War 3 haven’t even been out that long…

    • I somehow doubt that due to the fact that most games are released cross-platform anyway. And even if there are exclusives, usually they have equivalents on the competing platform, for example, Forza vs Gran Turismo, Halo vs Killzone, etc.

  • Just in from research team..
    Xbox 360 has higher failure rate and broken units than PS3,PS2,PS1,PSP,PSPGO combined!!



  • Sales do matter somewhat in aus since the online support for some games is so bad here.

    So hard to find an online game sometimes!

  • At the end of the day any game that sticks in the mind of gamers is a success and one that developers should be proud of.

    Okami is one of my favourite games and didn’t sell well at all. But get chatting to gamers and this game comes up again and again. To me that’s all that counts for a good game.

  • Uncharted 2 sucked. I bought it based on all the hype and positive reviews and all I got was the most linear 3rd person game ever. Yes, it was very pretty and well presented but the gameplay and level design was dull. Most parts of the game was ‘press the action button against walls and objects until you find what to do’ or having a companion tell you exactly what to do. The combat wasn’t that special either. Syphon filter 2 on ps1 had a comparable train level and that game’s 10 years old. All the praise and hype was for the graphics, not or the average gameplay and meh level design.

    • Kinda like Gears of War, except the companions were to preoccupied having poorly written heroic blue screens of death and doing nothing in combat thanks to terrible AI.

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