Miley Cyrus Warms Up Before Her Shows With Rock Band, Thinks It's "Rad"

With her latest album Can't Be Tamed hitting stores this week and a kick-off concert on Monday, Miley Cyrus sat down with MTV to talk about just how very rad Rock Band is now that it includes her music.

"I sat in front of the TV 90 percent of the tour, just playing 'Rock Band'," Cyrus told MTV News. "It's pretty cool that now I can warm up playing my own songs on Rock Band and then go do it in real life. So it's pretty rad. It's a better warm-up."

You heard it here second, Rock Band is "pretty rad". I wonder what she thinks about Dance Central? Super Rad?

Miley Cyrus Says 'Rock Band' Is Her Tour Warm-Up [MTV News, thanks mr_racoon]


    What would be "Rad" is if she'd stop talking and turn 18 dammit!.. lol :P

      What would be "Rad" is if the age of consent in most Australian states was 16...

      oh wait it is, the only places where it's higher is 17 in South Australia and Tasmania.

      It pays to know your own laws, not just assume they are the same as americas, even then, most american states have an age of consent of 16 too, although once you cross state boundries there's federal laws that apply to transporting / contacting a minor (under 18) for sexual purposes.

    im sure this has nothing to do with marketing or royalties whatsoever...

    Another well orchestrated product of the Disney machine.

      Deep as a bubblegum wrapper, about as timeless as a mobile phone ringtone, the McHappy meal generation.

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