Milla Jovovich, Wet, With Guns

Out this September, upcoming horror flick Resident Evil: Afterlife is the fourth entry in the RE film series. It stars Milla Jovovich — this poster promises her drenched with pistols. That's an entire movie, right there!

Ultimate Resident Evil [Ultimate Resident Evil via ShockTillYouDrop]


    These movies are a guilty pleasure. I know they aren't very good, but I enjoy them.

    I am surprised they keep making these, how profitable have the recent ones been?

      i donno man, i think they just make it to see her all wetlike

      They actually do pretty well, Extinction apparently made $147 million at the box office. It was made for around $45 million. Guess i'm not the only one who likes me some B-grade zombie action.

    Milla Jovovich is my hero. Can't wait until this comes out.

      'Corbin Dallas multipass!'

      'Yes, she *knows* it's a multipass.'

    3D?? Why????? Get rid of that crap already!!

    The first and second one were good but the third one sucked. Hopefully this one will be better then the third.

    They could pump out as many of these movies as they want. Most people have a wetspot for Milla, probably even more so than Lara Croft.

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