Milla Jovovich Will Now Knee You In The Face

Isn't 3D just...yeah?

The fourth entry in the Resident Evil film franchise, Resident Evil: Afterlife, will be in 3D. And if this poster doesn't clue you end, cinema goers can look forward to guns blazing in their faces, glass breaking and quite possibly Milla Jovovich's knee.


[IGN via ShockTillYouDrop]


    Sorry to ruin your "knee in the face thing" but she is falling from the sky ala The Matrix.

    Actually looking forward to seeing it.

    This 3D bullshit has to stop.

    I'm starting to get sick of these gimmicky 3D movies. The medium has plenty of potential to add something to good movies, if they use good movies as the basis. Instead they use the concept of 3D as the basis and build a movie around it.

    Isn’t 3D just gay... yeah?

    i've said this once before on a seperate article but i have to wear glasses, which means i can't wear 3d glasses comfortably. one hell of a pain in the bottom.

    Theres a new (but low quality) trailer on your sister site io9:

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