Missed Connections: Rock Of Ages

Between the trailer, these screenshots and the advertisements on every E3 badge holder, I'm terribly sorry I missed our E3 2010 appointment with Atlus and didn't see Rock of Ages, but I had to fly home. There was cake waiting.

Rock of Ages is a new downloadable game from ACE Team of Zeno Clash fame. Sporting a unique graphical style, Rock of Ages sees two players square off in alternating rounds of that classic game 'I bet i can knock over your castle with a giant rock.'

One player sets up defences, the other player then rolls a gigantic rock their way, aiming to take down their opponent's tower and along with it, their hopes and dreams.

The game isn't due out until autumn of 2011, so I'm sure we'll have plenty of time to see it before then. Still, sorry about not making it by, Atlus. It was a raspberry roll cake, so I'm sure you understand.


    The cake was a lie. Now crawl back to Atlus and beg to see the epic win that is Age of Rock

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