Modern Warfare 2 Going 3D On The PS3?

A second video trumpeting the "PS4" also drops a half second hint that we may be seeing Modern Warfare 2 in 3D in the near future.

Like the first one, this viral ad takes place in a lab, with a consumer/gamer acting the guinea pig while presumably evil Sony scientists test out 3D gaming on them. After a while, the guy can't take the realness anymore, and freaks out.

His freak out happens to include a very quick flash of the TV showing the game's menu in 3D. (McWhertor's eagle eye spotted it at 39 seconds if you missed it the first time.)

We've yet to hear from Sony whether it's behind these or not. And it's pretty professional if it's a fake. Best guess? It's real, but the "PS4" isn't meant literally. Sony won't be unveiling a new console at E3. These are instead most likely ads for the PS3's new 3D capability, with the "PS4" bit perhaps a reference to how futuristic it makes gaming; as in, 3D gaming is so good it'll feel like a new console.


    With the worry that 3D causes seizures etc. (which I personally don't think is a concern) it seems odd to show people fitting out and holding their eyes as a way to sell the tech.

    I reckon these might be really really good fakes. It would be silly to say PS4 as a viral marketing tool unless there was an actual PS4 coming, and soon, otherwise PS3 sales would halt; and surely sony isn't stupid enough to rebadge the PS3 with some 3D glasses as the PS4?

    This is just a stab in the dark here. But D is the 4th letter in the alphabet?

    Real or not. I would be pretty ticked even if the PS4 unveils as early as 2013. I own more than 50 great game titles on the Ps2 in its lifetime, to think I would own MUCH less on a Ps3 (currently own 12 titles) in its lifetime plus me being that small percentage of people whom encountered the Ps3 defects like YLOD makes it unthinkable and unforgivable.

      I'd be all for a new PS4, but only if it keeps 100% backwards compatible with ps3 games. They could certainly make many improvements.

    3D MW2 would be pretty sweet though...


      Although, after 30 hours solid of MW2 my eyes tend to really hurt, they're streaming, and I tend to feel a bit sick. Wonder what it would be like after 30 hours of 3D MW2... ;-)

    PS3 + 3D Glasses + Move controller, will be marketed as the future.... or PS4

    Personally, I think this is trying to say that with the update for the PS3 making it 3D, it's like turning your PS3 into a PS4.
    Just my opinion anyway.

    Why not just take a leaf out of Nintendo's book and call it the PS3D?

    The trailer is not a fake, but it is not truly real either. Some person simply edited the end of the advertisement. The actual trailer is just advertising the PS3's 3D capabilities. By the way, sorry to burst your bubble but, the PS3 is aiming to be a 10 year system. I personally think it will last 7 at the most though, before being replaced. It will probably still be sold after 7 years, though.

    lame as long as these things still have there stupid glasses they arent worth having

    and when they do release they sure as hell better make it an option to turn the 3D off because that will be the time i stop gaming

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