Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Package Dated For PS3, PC

Infinity Ward provides an ETA for Modern Warfare 2's second map pack. PlayStation 3 owners get the "Resurgence Pack" on July 6 in the US, the next day in Europe. PC gamers worldwide get it July 6. Hoorah!


    Hooray, 3 new maps, 2 maps from the old game and NO OTHER CONTENT for the bargain-basement price of $15 DOLLARS!

    What a titanic crock of shit! This kind of garbage would be a free update in any other game.

      Maps aren't exactly a new thing for the world of FPS DLC. If you want some DLC that isn't maps, you should turn to music games or platformer games for songs and skins.

      Genre defining games such as the Halo series (I say this is within the parameters of "any other game") have extra maps that require a transaction, so that makes it a titanic crock of shit, right?

    Its $21 in Aus so pissed about the price difference, but ill probly buy it any way

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