Modern Warfare: Frozen Crossing Outdoes The Previous Best Call Of Duty Fan Film

How can this short action flick manage to knock out the previous title holder for best fan made Call of Duty movie? It's bigger, bloodier and has a more substantial budget. And it's from the same creative team.

The second chapter of Niko Pueringer and Sam Gorski's Modern Warfare: Frozen Crossing makes use of its comparatively massive budget - this one cost about $US600, compared to the $US209.42 - with sharper effects, more bloodspray and loads of slo-mo bullet-filled action. There might even be a story in there!

Modern Warfare: Frozen Crossing Pt. 2 [YouTube]


    pretty entertaining!

    Really good considering the budget. The only thing I would say is that they could weather the weapons and gear a bit. All the props and costumes look a bit too new for me.

    Hollywood! Are you watching this?!?

    Oustanding quality from these guys! Loved every second of it!

    wow, pretty good! especially considering the budget!

    only thing is, i believe ghost would be using a throat mic instead.

    Hollywood, take note, they are doing a better job than you and for a far cheaper budget.

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