Mom Plays Rock Band Naked

Because, well, um, yeah...

Sad, but true: Anytime I see anyone naked doing anything related to gaming, the first question that pops in my head is whether or not I am watching something viral.

[via 9GAG]


    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      DUDE! NICE!

      i bet you can't wait for the kinect to come out...

    Damn. I hope that cushion isn't off the couch that guests sit on.

      It does seem to have a matching cushion on the white leather couch.

    expect to see the gif of this on a 4chan near you very soon.

      The GIF probably pre-dates the video.

    MILF but seriously around kids?

      Playing rock band and having a human body are terrible terrible things, children should not see such filth!

      What is your problem with nudity?
      You prude.
      There are nude beaches where entire families can spend their summer days.

      Anyone who has kids will know you spend a surprising amount of time naked around them, and you know what, they probably don't grow up worrying that there is something wrong with their bodies.

      This was hilarious, but god I hope she knows this was being posted, it isn't naughty, just funny. But still, I hope she is okay with it.

        According to the video description, this was originally uploaded by Casey Scala, so presumably it's the mother uploading it herself.

        I say good on her though, it goes a long way to teaching her kids not to be ashamed of their bodies, and that to be naked doesn't necessarily mean for there to be any sexual connotation(?).

        Hehe... boobs.

    I give this the stamp of approval. She's quite fit.

    Omg. Milf. Holy crap. Awesomeness. Thanks for posting this! lol!

    Funny vid. Nothing wrong with being nude in your own home, I say.

      Fabric furniture?

        What, u think shes gonns piss herself?

    Excellent role model, her kids are just sitting there watching

      Teaching them there's nothing wrong with the human body and nothing wrong with having fun - OH THE HORROR.

      And? what exactly is wrong with being naked in your own house.
      You sir are a wowser, you think you're mum hasn't seen you naked and vice versa or something?

      Watching her rob stores, smoke, drink herself stupid and beat her kids. Eat herself into a heart condition and years of medical bills, leave her baby in the car while she gambles away her doll payments...

      Oh wait, she's just a healthy looking woman playing a video game naked. What a horrible person she must be. Someone should call child services and get this abomination of a role model away from those healthy looking kids.

      Dude, its just a bit of fun get over it.

    Honestly what's more disturbing than the fact that she's naked in front of other people (her own family! how horrifying! [heavy sarcasm]) is that we've been taught / taught ourselves that that's WRONG.

      Or am I just saying this because I want to see more naked mums? Who knows.

    Parenting FAIL

    Tch tch...
    She's only playing with herself.

    I'm glad she feels comfortable only wearing her skin. As for her children being able to see her nude - I see no problem with this. Being nude in your own home is incredibly freeing and is an excellent example of openess for the family. More families should be nude.

    i just got a BONER~~~~

    LOL rly, why would you put that on eewtoob?

    girlfriend used to WiiFit naked.. if she stuck with it i wouldn't have minded watching.

    I'm sure there's ANOTHER Gawker site for this...

    BTW, that drumkit looks so much better than mine, what set is it from?

      Hey Pete, yeah we got the results back about that gay test you took and it doesn't look promising.

      (but yeah your right, those are some sweet drums. any word on what version there from.)

        Pretty sure it's an ION drum kit. They are not part of any Rockband/GH bundle, but sold separately. Can't remember the company that makes them....

    That's super creepy.

    i am so jealous that those kids got to suck on those for milk...


    Naked Rock Band is old hat. I demand Naked Kinect.

    You all comment on this like it's news, she's probably just European or something.

    Um, good for her and anything but does she really need to upload it onto the internet?

    I mean really, what the hell was the point of putting this up besides being an attention whore?

      It never occurred to you that someone else uploaded the video.

      Think before posting, friend.

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