More Batman Figures For You Top Shelf's Nuthouse

Following on from DC Direct's first line of Batman: Arkham Asylum figures, here's a second series, this time featuring some villains that make more of a direct appearance in the game.

While the inclusion of Scarface was a head-scratcher first time around, these four figures make much more sense, a new Batman joined by Zsasz, Poison Ivy and Bane.

They make more sense, but not total sense. I'd have liked a Gordon figure by now, and Killer Croc would also be nice.

This second series will be out in February 2011.


    Meh, I want a Mr.Freeze.

      He wasn't in Arkham Asylum, so good luck with that.

      Other than that, not liking any of these at all. They look crap.

      As his only 'appearance' in the game was getting to see the outside of his cell, I seriously doubt we'll see a figure of him.

      You'll have to wait to Arkham Aslyum 2

    Ivy truly looks awful. Mr Zzasz (sp?) looks good, but none of these look as good as the ad for the original series.

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