Morning Musings: Super Mario Flakes, Anyone?

As I sit here eating my Sultana Bran and reading the latest news from E3, I can't help but wonder: what happened to videogame-themed cereals?

As any astute student of pop-culture in the late 80s/early 90s will tell you, videogame-themed cereals were once common and popular. Not here, of course — we didn't get anything good back then — but in the United States. For example, observe the following ridiculous ad for the so-called Nintendo Cereal System:

Apparently they tasted terrible, but who cares? I'd have eaten them back in the day, and so would have you. However, what I'm interested to know is what kind of videogame-themed cereal you'd eat now. Say someone from Kellogs asked for your advice on the subject — what would you suggest? Super Wari-Os? Metroid Morphballs? Fallout 3 Sugar Bombs? Lemme know in the comments. If your responses are particularly clever, I'll collect the best and post them later today.


    You see Dan what happened to video game cereals is that the folks realised it's not just kids who play games anymore they had to move to more adult orientated breakfast products. For example there are now the bacon and bleary eyed late night gaming egg roll and Koopa Kapuchinos to name a few. Kellogs is also trialing the "duck behind cover" breakfast bar that reinvigorates the body with the energy needed for the day.

    I want to eat "Cheeri- OH NO YOU DIDN'T!"s.

    Maybe some Tetris shaped Weet-bix, too? That'd be fun to manipulate floating around the milk.

    They wouldn't be able to exist these days as they would have to be healthy, and we all know "video game" and "healthy" don't go hand in hand.

    For arguments sake, here's a list of cereals i could come up with:

    Breakfast of the Colossus
    Gears of Nutrition
    Bioshockolate flakes
    Resident Cereal
    Fruity Halo's
    Chunky Kongs
    Holy invasion of breakfast badman, this cereal is delicious
    Katamari Clusters

    More later when i get bored enough to think of more...

    Resident Evil 'giblets'.

    I miss pokemon lucky charms, regular lucky charms are nice but it just isnt the same

    Hmmm... Ok, I'll have a crack.

    Call of Fruities
    Assassins Crunch
    Princess Peach Puffs
    Continues? (they'd be number 9-1 like a countdown)

    Australia DID have the Pokemon cereal a while back, though.

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