Most Gamers Don't Even Know Project Natal Exists

Sometimes, it's handy being reminded that "gamer" is a far bigger term than most of you realise. As evidenced by this Nielsen poll, which amazingly shows that most "gamers" haven't even heard of Project Natal.

They haven't heard about PlayStation Move, either. This despite Natal being a year old and having appeared on countless news reports and television shows since. Likewise the Move, which formed the cornerstone of Sony's E3 press conference in 2009, and whose development has been the company's biggest news so far in 2010.

These are, along with Nintendo's 3DS, the biggest things happening in the world of video games right now. Yet only 21 per cent of people identifying themselves as "gamers" had even heard of Microsoft's revolutionary new motion controller, while Sony's was little better at 23 per cent.

OK, so that group includes people like PC gamers and Wii owners, who may not mash F5 on places like this every day. But even among Xbox 360 owners, 61 per cent had never even heard of it (ignorance of the Move among PS3 gamers was at 58%).

That's incredible. If Microsoft and Sony want to overhaul the Wii with their motion controllers, they're going to need to go all-out on the marketing front, because it appears most of their potential audience don't read things on the internet and don't watch late-night television.

Gamers Await Motion Control Systems from Microsoft and Sony at E3 [Nielsen]


    This is excluding the people on Kotaku, but most gamers i would think are either fanboys/girls and only listen to info for their consoles, are casual gamers who just have know idea about most game related things, or in the worst case, just eat shovelware and so know nothing.

    Of couse there could be other reasons, heck i don't know.

    PC gamers are more aware of general gaming news than any other type of gamer, its just the nature of the the platform and people that use it. That includes news about console stuff.
    I find that all of the casual console gamers I know have no clue about anything that goes on behind the scenes. All that infinity ward news with employees walking out in droves?, I couldn't find a single xbox mw2 player that knew about it at all. Of course there are exceptions but this generalisation is pretty accurate.

    I think you forget that the term 'gamer', exclusively applies to people that play or have played tabletop role playing games. The fact that any moron that plays a Popcap game or mashes dick in Call of Duty calls themselves one doesn't change the definition, and nor should it change the demographic.

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