My 13 Predictions For E3 2010

My 13 Predictions For E3 2010

Every year E3 throws up a host of hardware news, surprise deals, game announcements and much hyperbole for the future of the industry. Here are my tips for E3 2010.

I did this last year and managed a decent 50% strike rate. Let’s see if I can do better this year.

1. Sony will tease Uncharted 3 with a very brief CG trailer.
2. Sony will announce Demon’s Souls 2 (exclusive to PS3) during their press conference.
3. Microsoft will not show a slim 360, nor announce a 360 price drop.
4. EA will unveil a new Need for Speed from Burnout developer Criterion.
5. Nintendo will show just one Motion Plus title at their press conference: Zelda.
6. Kevin Butler will MC the Sony press conference.
7. A new Wii Fit will be announced and support the Wii Vitality Sensor.
8. Microsoft will announce Killer Instinct for Project Natal.
9. Nintendo will announce a new title from Retro Studios based on an original IP.
10. Call of Duty: Black Ops will have DLC exclusive to Xbox 360, while Medal of Honor will have DLC exclusive to PS3.
11. The Last Guardian will be given a 2011 release date.
12. Both Sony and Microsoft will tie up at least one third-party title as a timed exclusive.
13. Valve will announce Half-Life: Episode 3 for PC and Xbox 360. (I know what Gabe said, but I’m calling his bluff!)

E3 2010 kicks off on Sunday evening, LA time, and continues through until Thursday. Keep an eye out to see if any of my predictions come true.


      • Because they were wanting to get into the episodic content instead of making an expansion pack (ala Opposing Force/Blue Shift)

        Just they kinda forgot Episodic content is supposed to be smaller dollops faster.

  • Goose vs Gabe – Two elite warriors, finely tuned athletic muscular frames, two shall enter one shall leave victorios and gain fame and admiration from the world!!!!11!

    Man, I hope Dave wins!! 😀

    • I seem to recall From Software saying just a couple of weeks back that Demon’s Souls 2 wasn’t happening. I guess that could change in a couple of weeks. If it happens, though, I suspect it’ll be multiplatform, especially after Sony snubbed them by not publishing it outside of Japan.

  • On those above…

    4. I want them to announce and detail SSX instead

    6. Not sure the humour would carry a full conference, but would love to see it!

    11. I agree, just hoping they add in a combo HD upgrade for ICO and SOTC from later this year though…

    Only prediction – Gran Turismo 5 will launch in 2010, probably around the same time as the Move

    • We can all hope can’t we? 🙂

      But I think 2011 will be right. Just hopefully EARLY 2011, and not December 2011…

  • My Dream e3:

    1. Sony announces GT5 is in stores now

    2. Microsoft announces a handheld wand controller that ships with every Natal unit

    3. Syndicate is announced and is shipping friday

    4. Bohemia Interactive show gameplay from Carrier Command Gaea Mission.

    5. Half Life 3 is shown for PC, 360 and Mac.

    6. A new dead-rising game set in Sydney.

    7. Sega announces their entire dreamcast catalogue available for download on xbox-live.

    8. Apple have a clip-on dual stick controller for iphone4 and iPad

    9. The Mortal Combat movie is as good as that trailer looks.

    10. Natal is announced as shipping for $49.95

    11. A new 360 is shown that included wireless-n and allows the user to install and hdd they wish.

    12. The PS3 gets full PS2 backwards compatibility.

    13. Microsoft announces all new games must have LAN play included.

    • I’d settle for ANY official announcement on the Syndicate remake (and maybe some shiny video to go with it. I like shiny things.)

    • I wish this E3 will be exciting. If you list was accurate then it would.

      When E3 starts and the news comes out, the NES Super Mario Brother death music accompanies every announcement. i.e. Natal is AU$200, works no better than Eyetoy. Da-da-da-da-da-dm-do-do

      I’m getting ready for disappointments.

  • i like number 3, i also have a prediction: Microsoft will not rape several children infront of their parents.

    Although i would love killer instinct, there is no way it would be on the natal because that game had like 30 hit combos, you would have a heart attack trying to play it with natal and how the hell are you going to do Cinder’s flips or transform into a tiger / giant cat.

    • I guess that’d at least put them a step above George Lucas who seemed to enjoy raping parents in front of their children. Jar Jar Binks, indeed.

    • Hehe in addition doing Glacius’ underground punch move would have you hiding behind the couch and popping up.

      Would be interested to see how they do the “finishing” moves – can’t turn my head into a machine gun like Fulgore can :p

  • I think most of those sound about right. The only one i would change is:

    10 – COD Black Ops DLC sounds about right but i don’t think Sony will announce any plans to hold any exclusivity rights for MoH.

  • There is nothing that I am really interested in up there… or perhaps I just have not kept up to date with all of the goings on…

    On a side note, I want to see the vitallity sensor just so i can answer my WTF questoin I have had since it was annonced.

    Also, can’t wait for the wii blood pressure reader, internal thermometer and colonoscopy device to be released next spring!

  • #2 is great because I’m still waiting for the AU release of Demon’s Souls 1.
    Yeah, yeah, I know, imports, I do it for almost every game anyway, but I can’t argue with a free artbook and soundtrack CD for $20 less than the normal PS3 game RRP.

    I’m with Dean though. 1/13 is good enough for me, so long as it’s #13.

    • You’re either being sarcastic, or you were living under a rock during the ’90’s

      Do I want Killer Instinct 3, definitely. With Natal functionality, not so much.

      Also a Half-Life 2: Episode 3 announcement would be cool, but I also wanna hear a solid release date for Black Mesa.

        • Im hoping its a return to form for the series 🙂 A cross between underground (night racing real world, plenty of customisations) and with most wanted cop style chases. Oh, and I want to have a Stagea in the game. 😀

      • Under a rock.

        Seriously, I missed so much.
        Portal, Day of the Tentacle, Unreal Tornement, Zelda and tonnes of others I don’t even know about.

        • Dont feel bad. I still have no idea about killer instinct. Will look it up now. (I turned 10 in 1991 and didn’t even have a PC until I was about 15 or so. So started gaming a little late!)

  • I think no. 8, Killer Instinct with natal support, is a bit too optimistic.

    I would have predicted new footage and a release date for Beyond Good and Evil 2.

    Otherwise, I think you’ll do better than 50% this year.

    The others all sound spot on.

  • New MGS game exclusive for PS3 teased and PSP2 launched. Kevin Butler arrives in outrageous fashion.

    Natal blows the pants off every one, I mean, Natal blows.

    An epic The Last Story trailer is shown for the first time.

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