My Wii Remote Suddenly Isn't Cuddly Enough

A pair of new Sesame Street games will come bundled with the cutest, furriest Wii Remote accessories we've ever seen, transforming the peripherals from hard plastic blocks into cuddly Cookie Monsters.

Later this Fall, Warner Bros. will be releasing Elmo's A-to-Zoo Adventure and Sesame Street: Cookie's Counting Carnival. They'll probably be forgettable Wii edutainment/shovelware, but we don't care about the games. We care about those Wii Remote covers that are shipping with them.

Their design is two-fold: one is to encourage small kids to use the Wii Remote by making it cuter and snugglier, and the other is to make playing the game easier by obscuring most of the "unnecessary" buttons that the games don't make use of.

Not sure the Wii needed much more simplification, even for small kids, but damn I want one of those Cookie Monster covers.


    Where's Choopy?

    He should be all over this.

      haha you have me confused with my partner in crime, the great Qumulys.

      he'll loose his shiz over this...

      All that said, i wouldn't complain about these one bit!

        If ever in the history of marketing has there been anything quite as superb as this, I just dont want to know. For now my hands will be filled with blue furry waggling love.... :D Wooooooot for Cookie Monster!

        p.s. Elmo is a smug hack. Cookie had all the fame before you came along, you late coming giggling red twat.
        Cookie had the balls to come out and say, 'screw all you food pyramid toffs, I'm out and proud to eat cookies thousands of delicious cookies, fuck it, I'll steal those tasty little buggers of anyone at anytime, I'm an addict and proud of it!'

        But noooooooo, little politically correct Elmo sticks his red furry in and is like "vegetables cookie monster, eat vegetables". And somehow, Cookie has to tow the company line! He hates vegetables, he HATES moderation, we all know his lines are bullshit pro-vege propagander speech!

        Just create a friggen "Low Carb Vege Balanced Monster" and be done with it, but leave Cookie alone!

        I think I may have lost it a tad.... :/

    Haha, they're awesome. Thank God I don't have my Wii anymore, I wouldn't be able to get the remotes off my son with those on them.

    Haha, heck yes! People are going to be all over this like the cookie monster on a cookie.

    I am going to get my mum to crochet me a tea cosy for mine.

    I would kill for the cookie monster one xD

    I have a feeling Qumulys is reading this right now, thinking up a witty response :P

      I would have been first to post believe me, but I was busy visiting a friend in hospital, so my rant will probably drift away into the back page kotakian ether....


      Damn, awesome, will have to torture elmo though. ;)

    These would be great to disguise my girlfriends, erm, wiimote!

    Wait a minute...

    So they've made sleeves that go over the condom that goes over the Wii remote?

    That said, do want :P

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