NBA Elite 11 Subs In ESPN's Broadcast Team

ESPN's booth trio of (from left) Mark Jackson, Jeff Van Gundy and Mike Breen will be the new voice talent for NBA Elite 11, according to a by-the-way mention at the bottom of an AP story on the broadcast team today.

No other details were given, just that they will appear. That means the five-year run of play-by-play man Marv Albert and analyst (and Phoenix Suns general manager) Steve Kerr has come to an end. Breen, Jackson and Van Gundy are a very well regarded broadcast team, with Breen's call providing a solid underpinning to the informed and occasionally testy banter between Jackson and Van Gundy.

They're so good they may not stick together for much longer - Van Gundy and Jackson are routinely mentioned when coaching vacancies open - so this could be a short engagement. And it could mean EA Sports is implementing ESPN broadcast presentation into this game, following the lead of NCAA Football 11 and NCAA Basketball 10, and is obligated to use their announcer team regardless of how long they might be together.

NBA Elite 11 Gets New Announce Team [Pasta Padre]


    Well that settles it for me then - I'll be getting NBA2k11 rather than NBA Elite.
    I cannot stand Van Gundy and his inane comments during actual telecasts - he offers no insight at all and I am amazed anyone gave him a job based on his lack of real knowledge. Kevin Breen is good but he is still no Marv Albert.
    Doug Collins would have been a much better choice before he jumped from the booth to start coaching the 76'ers next year.
    I'd even take Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith over Van Gundy...

    I think this is great news for two reasons. Firstly I like this trio of broadcasters and 2nd, this might mean Marv Albert is now free to go over to 2k11 so that he can do the commentating which would be a perfect fit with Jordan being in the game!

    commentary for 2k10 was always amusing lol

    Mike Breen I can stand, JVG and Mark Jackson? Not so much. You can only take so much of Mark Jackson's absurd comments like "Momma, there goes that man", "That's a grown man move" and the one that makes the least sense: "As they say: Hand down, man down". I'll just stick to 2K thanks.

    Somthing will be missing without'Marv Albert.Ive been with live since it started'and to imagine that he won't be in the game is crazy. Don't care for mark jackson, "momma,there goes that man"almost as bad as steve kerr, with Mcgrady'he always have's that sleepy look.Don't want to hear it.

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