NBA Jam's E3 Trailer

It's not getting the attention of some of the louder games at the show, which is a shame, but boy, the closer NBA Jam gets to completion the better it looks.

It'll be out later this year for the Nintendo Wii. There are also rumours, hopes and dreams that it will also turn up eventually on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 as well.


    Goddamn that brings back some fond memories of sleepless nights spent with my Megadrive and a bottle of coke! Three cheers for EA!

    Haha good times. "It's on FIre!"

      "BOOM shakalaka!"

      God, when I think of how many dollars I shovelled into this thing back in my university days... :)

    Is big head mode turned on? The head seems to be out of proportion

    dear god i want this on my PS3

    Think this might actually be the first game I buy on Wii....

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