NCAA 11 Demo Unlocks 11 New Uniforms

Those sweet Nike Pro Combat threads in the eight-team NCAA Football 11 demo aren't just for looks there. They're also in the full version, for looks. Downloading the demo gives you access to the alternate uniforms in the main game.

Playing each of the four matchups - Florida at Florida State, Oklahoma at Texas, Ohio State at Miami and Clemson at Missouri - will unlock those packages in the full release for you. But wait, there's more: by "sharing" the demo - using a menu option to send a message to your friends to download the demo - you get three more alternate unis: Virginia Tech, LSU and Texas Christian. There hasn't been a clothing discount this insane since Peter Warrick went to Dillard's.

Your quarter length is again restricted to two minutes though. But given that it's free, you get four different matchups and some unlockable swag, there's not much to gripe about there.

The demo is available Monday for both Xbox 360 and PS3.


    Excellent idea, I wish this sort of thing was more common. It's a great way to entice you to try out a demo... Patapon had the same thing, you got a unique item if you had a demo save on your PSP when you played the full thing.

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