New Final Fantasy DS Dated

Ubisoft has today confirmed Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes Of Light will be released in Australia on October 7, exclusively on Nintendo DS.

The game takes its name from its four player co-operative play in which you can tackle a series of dungeons with up to three friends.

Elsewhere it looks like a fairly traditional Final Fantasy game with turn-based battles and a job (ie. class) system that lets you switch jobs on the fly by simply changing a character's headwear.

Ubisoft also sent over a bunch of character art. Click the thumbs to enlarge.


    I really want this but I have no friends to play with so I doubt I'll get as much out of it as I should.

    Hmm...just over 3 months to convince my daughter Final Fantasy games aren't as boring as she thinks they are so she can play it with me.

    yeh - these would be great if i actually had friends that played games...

    Since when was Ubisoft the Publisher of Square-Enix titles in Aus?

    Hey, I just realised none of my friends have DSes either.

    This revelation that us Australian DS gamers are lonely makes me a little sad.

    Lots of my friends have DSes, but I don't see them regularly enough to play :\ No siblings either. I was really excited for a new handheld Final Fantasy too!

    I've loved Final Fantasy on smaller handhelds ever since Tactics advance and while I won't play it due to not having a DS I look forward to checking the reviews. More of the same with Final Fantasy is rarely a bad thing. :)

    Yay for traditional, boo on the multi. Just don't seem to find the time for multi-play these days.

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