New Gears Of War 3 Screenshots Show Mechs Are Good With Their Feet

Epic today released a set of new Gears of War 3 screenshots, and those who prefer actual in-game shots to pre-rendered fluff are being well catered for.

Most of these are in-engine, and around half are even proper in-game screens, with ammo counters, rough textures and everything. Bravo, Microsoft, this is the kind of stuff we like to see.

Gears of War won't be out until 2011, but with E3 taking place next week you can expect to see a lot more of the game in the days to come.


    Screenshot #5
    "This is Sparta!"

      Thats what i was thinking hahaha

    Even with the mech suit you could finish off one of them just by shooting them in the arms

    Looks a bit more colourfull this time around and oh so sweet I mean it still looks like a gears game but just with that little extra to take advantage of the colour pallete that HD consoles have
    I like the four gun turret, that looks sweet

    Why have bayonets on a mounted gun?
    The only way you would impale someone is if they jumped on the end.

      Maybe it's to protect themselves from Reavers (or whatever they're called) if they dive bomb. If not I can't think of any other ideas for bayonets on a turret. Unless they're all individual guns hooked up. Even though this is GOW I don't think Marcus could carry one of those.

      Also they better have a good intro explaining what has happened in the last two games because honestly I don't know what's going on anymore.

        Same mesh as the hand-held gun in the other promo shots. Great 'last stand' four rifles in a frame. Looks a lot more serious than taping a rifle to a flamethrower.

        Short version, Before the first game humanity tries to colonise planet, locust attack, government abandons planet, military rule takes over, Marcus is sent to jail for some reason.
        Game 1
        gets released to help fight the locust.
        They have to drop the lightmass bomb to map the tunnels, first attempt fails, second attempt wins.

        Game 2
        Lightmass bomb has side effects of making people sick as well as creating new kinds of locusts (the glowy explodey ones) Locusts have a new weapon that can sink entire cities, you have to go find it, it ends up being a giant worm. Kill the worm, miltary government ends up accepting that the main city is fucked, makes a plan to flood the city so when it's sunk the ocean floods the network of tunnels. Game ends flooding the last city to destroy the locusts

    if i remember correctly, gears 3 takes place on a giant boat right?... i'm on a boat motherf**ker

    I know it is gears but isn't that turret a little bit over the top.

    8 barrels and 4 Bayonets.....

    The turrent is obviously just a frame which can hold four infantry heavy assault rifles.

      Yep, you can see Dom using the same type of rifle in the first screen shot.

    I'm glad to see it's less grey and brown. Also, the female soldiers armour makes sense! Yay! But I want to know what went down in the pendulum wars.
    As for the crazy turret I think it's just for decoration and extra protection. Nothing makes you feel safer then having 8 barrels and 4 bayonets.

    The Turret seems to be 4 rifles bolted into a frame. And I think it's got some sort of underslung Grenade launcher.

    It really does look colourful, and yet has lots of brown and grey, what does that say about the previous games? They where still fun and I'm glad I own them.

    It looks... good. There's no way they'd screw up a Gears game :)

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