New SingStar Features Popular But Terrible Songs

New SingStar Features Popular But Terrible Songs

New SingStar Features Popular But Terrible SongsJust one of these days I’d like to see a music game come with music I actually like. That day is not today, as Sony announces SingStar Chart Hits, the latest in the franchise to be exclusive to Australia.

Coming to PS3 and PS2 from July 1, SingStar Chart Hits features a selection of terrible pop music. To fully appreciate the sheer horror on offer here, you will need to see the entire tracklist, below:

* 3Oh!3: Don’t Trust Me * A.R. Rahman feat. The Pussycat Dolls: Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny) * Alex Lloyd: Amazing * Ben Lee: Catch My Disease * Colbie Caillat: Fallin’ For You * Empire of the Sun: Walking on a Dream * George Michael: Outside * Guy Sebastian feat. Jordin Sparks: Art of Love * Kate Miller Heike: The Last Day on Earth * La Roux: Bullet Proof *. Lady GaGa: Poker Face * The Last Goodnight: Pictures of You * The Living End: White Noise * Michael Bublé: Haven’t Met You Yet * Mika: We Are Golden * Milli Vanilli: Blame it on the Rain * Natalie Bassingthwaighe: Alive * Nelly Furtado: Turn off the Light * Pixie Lott: Boys and Girls * The Presets: This Boys in Love * The Pussycat Dolls: Hush Hush; Hush Hush * Vanessa Amorosi: This is Who I Am * Vitamin C: Friends for Ever * Wes Carr: Feels Like Woah * Wolfmother: New Moon Rising

There are also five tracks exclusive to the PS3 version:

* Lady Gaga: Bad Romance * The Pussycat Dolls: When I Grow Up * Natalie Bassingthwaighte: Someday Soon * OneRepublic: All the Right Moves * Wes Carr: Yeah

OK, I guess the Presets are alright. But as for the rest? Just kill me now.


    • … and listening to Triple J you will realise that a lot of these songs would feature on that station as well.

      Triple J – not as underground as some people make it out to be.

      • Oh, I’m not trying to imply that it is totally underground or that none of these songs get airtime. I’m not so elitist to think that songs that aren’t underground can’t be good, I just don’t personally like the tasteless drivel that gets churned out on commercial radio.

        I have no issue with The Living End, La Roux, Empire of the Sun or The Presets. It’s the Pussycat Dolls and the like that I object to.

      • Triple J has a slightly better ratio of complete crap to decent songs than commercial radio. Even if it does lack the mystical underground quality.

        Of course, this problem could easily be solved if there was some firm if portable device, possibly pod shaped, that allowed you to listen to whatever music you like instead of whatever is on the radio.

        Man, if I could just invent something like that, I’d be as rich as Steve Jobs!

        • Fuck that. Zune – All the way.

          But I can see…oh, 3 songs on there that would appeal to me; one of which is Mika.

          Why can’t they appeal to the niche market? I want a “Singstar – On the stage”, where we get to reenact our favourite musicals!

          A “Singstar – Acoustic hits”, where we get to sing in such a way that we AREN’T expected to rival their vocoder!

          A “Singstar Daft Punk” where we get to put on space suits and press the x button to start the song?

  • Yeah, The Presets are good, but what’s wrong with Wolfmother, Empire Of The Sun and The Living End? Although admittedly the track White Noise isn’t as good as their earlier stuff. Also don’t mind Michael Buble (his old cover versions of Sinatra etc.) not his new stuff.

    As for the rest, I totally agree with you. Absolute shite.

    At least there’s no Justin Bieber.

  • Some of my impressions;

    Jai Ho: I hate Bollywood. And I say this as someone who once lived in that part of the world and was forced to listen to it on a constant basis.

    Kate Miller Heike: I swear to God, some invisible person is trying to strangle her everytime she sings.

    Lady GaGa: I admit. I liked her when she was less insane. (Or did such a prospect never actually exist)

    Turn Off the Light: Old…

    Friends For Ever: Even older… And heavily overused at graduation ceremonies…

    Wes Carr/Natalie Bassingwaithe: Something just stinks like Channel 10.

    PS3 Exclusives: The PS2 must be breathing a sigh of relief.

  • ahh mikky bubble isn’t that bad. I do love me some lounge singinging…

    BUT in case a sony exec is reading, here are some ideas for future sing star games that will sell to people other than 13 year old girls!

    Singstar: Pub Ballards
    Party games don’t have much emphasis on my idea of “Party”. Normally at parties people are too drunk to walk or talk properly so they generaly fail at these sorts of games due to lack of coherency, tune or conciousness!
    Bring in Sing Star Pub Ballards! Choc full of Bon Jovi and Cold Chisel tracks! You don’t even need to sing the verses, just mumble your way through them in a tune that sounds close enough to the actual tune in your head, then when the chorus comes all you need to do is yell it at the top of your lungs replacing one or two words with the words “tits”, “cock” or “arse” for maximum points!
    Earn bonus points during solos by vomiting all over an attractive girl or punching your best mate!

    Sing Star: Moive anthems
    No words required! just make “Da’s”, “Di’s” and “Do’s” to your favoirte movie openings such as:
    Star Wars:
    “Daaaa-Da da-da da-da daaa da da-da-da daa da nu nu nu daaa
    Mission Impossible:
    da Da Da-da da da da-nu… do-do-doooo do-do-dooo do-do-doo na-na!
    Twilight Zone:
    da-na na-na da-na na-na da-na na-na da-na na-na…

  • it’s probably worth pointing out that they target an audience that DOESN’T listen to triple j, and the majority of people buying this probably enjoys mainstream music which they have selected i think

  • Guyzzzzz, where’s the Pussycat Dolls love?
    I mean, 3 of their songs are here! That surely means something, right???

  • Got to agree with Andrew – kind of stupid of David to think that Sony would make a Singstar specifically for him.

    So Sony has/is making a game featuring songs that have topped the charts – what idiots… why pick popular songs that obviously people like otherwise they wouldn’t be in the charts. Another Sony epic fail.

    They should have instead brought SingStar Wildgoose featuring the Baha Men and Venga Boys. That would be FTW!!!

    • Kinda stupid? Or perhaps just tongue-in-cheek?

      I would totally buy SingStar Baha Men though.

    • I would like to point out (again) that i don’t think it was a stupid post by david at all; i don’t think he would think sony would make singstar specifically for him.

      On another note, no vengaboys? CAn’t we spend the nite together in our room? =[

  • Great, a Singstar full of MTV garbage is exactly what I’m in the market for.


    Sarcasm, it finally works.

    But seriously, this is horrible.

    I want “Singstar: Godspeed You! Black Emperor”
    In the game, you don’t actually sing, you just sit down and listen for 30 mins. Come to think about it what I really want is another Godspeed album.

    • Are you serious? Although it would sell like hotcakes. Don’t give Sony ideas.

      Please don’t listen to him Sony, he’s obviously gone quite mad. 😉

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