New World Of Warcraft Patch Enables Cross-Game Chat

Blizzard's 3.3.5 patch for World of Warcraft went live yesterday, enabling the new Real ID feature, allowing for cross-faction, cross-server, and when StarCraft II comes out, cross-game chat.

Real ID is a layer of friends list on top of the one World of Warcraft players are used to. Instead of tagging another character name as a friend, players can now tag the ID of their friends, keeping in touch with them no matter where they are playing on the network.

Say your guild is getting ready for a raid, but your healer is off playing StarCraft II. Not only will you be able to see what he or she is doing (should they allow it), you'll be able to drop them a line telling them to get their sorry asses in gear.

It also means that once you add a Real ID friend, you don't have to worry about adding all of their alts to your list as well. Real ID friends can even send out broadcast messages across their entire friend network, which sounds amazingly annoying, though perfect for dramatic "quitting the game" notices.

For those who'd rather have everyone known them as Porksword, the mighty Orc warrior, the Real ID feature is completely optional.

This is one of the first steps in integrating World of Warcraft with, bringing players of all Blizzard games together in one big community.

Check out the Real ID page on for more information on the feature, and visit the World of Warcraft patch notes page for more on patch 3.3.5, which also introduces the Ruby Sanctum raid dungeon.


    This is a completely bad idea on Blizzard's part and how bad of an Idea will only become apparent after it is used for the wrong reasons.

    I fully expect the RealID of next year to be unrecognizable from the RealID of today - but I wonder how many friendships and peoples lives will have to be ruined before it is changed.

      Goddammit, you Warcraft players will bitch about ANYTHING. What don't you understand about "optional"? Its an IMPROVED CHAT SYSTEM and you cry about it.

      It's fine, l2:
      * identify problems properly
      * find better friends, instead of blaming the system

      QQ Moar, plz.

        Yeah - pretty much it is something you're meant to only give your friends you know.

        Thing is as I have best seen it described.
        Person A is Friends with B
        Person A is Friends with C
        Persons B and C have never met in person
        Because person A is RealID Friends with B and C both B and C can see each others real names and all the characters they play in wow.

        Person B and C may have or develop a grudge ingame and can now take it out of the game into real life.

        Or use the above as applied to females or children getting unsolicited flirts - emails - or behaviour.

        It can all get pretty scary when you think of the worst case senarios and unfortunatly the worst case ones will happen and it is only a matter of time.

          By that idea, than steam friends is just as bad. Because Person B and C can see all of person A's friends meaning they can do the same thing.

            Except in Steam it is only your Account name shown.

            In Blizzards RealID it is your Full Name associated with the account. Yes First and Last name which most people gave when they started their accounts and is NOT able to be changed in settings.

            In steam you still have anonymity in Blizzard now you do not if you make use of RealID and imagine now kids using RealID and happy to talk about their hometown and locations. This is bad on so many levels worse then Facebook which pretty bad already.

              Cause today, everyone (video game publishers, developers, government, school, etc) except *parents* can and must be held responsible for raising and educating children, AMIRITE ?

              You can't blame the system for someone abusing it. As for the children, can I ask where are the parents in all this? If people are seriously worried about using such a system for the sake of animosity, get a forum/petition to ask Blizzard to apply safety precautions. For all those griefers/wieners out there, have it reported.

              Late night rant brought to you by Percodan.

    Why is this a bad thing? It just offers greater communication between their games.

    During the SC2 beta, I was playing it quite furiously during my guild's off-raid nights and when I was needed, a couple of other guys had to either text my phone or log onto the beta server to see if I was on, quite annoying.

    This is perfect for progression guilds that have more than the perfect 25 show up on raid nights for whatever reason and either have to bring in trials (not the first choice) or just a more casual guild member who's otherwise online.

    The only thing worse than the RealID concept was the patch that installed it.

      This chat thing is really sux....i dont wanna everybody to know if im on other if i give my log mail...everyone knows if im on alt!!!!
      i dont wanna that...i can quit wow cos of that stupid thing! i can play alone or be alone and run from evreybody anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Im really pissed off! this is big stupid thing that blizzard ever did!'re all getting upset because of a little update like that?I can't even get the damn patch to work correctly for me.

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