New Xbox 360 Specs

These are the specs for the new Xbox 360. What's with the "custom Kinect port"?


    Engadget reported that the custom Kinect port also acts as a power source for the Kinect unit, while Original Xbox360 owners will have to use a separate power cable.

      Indeed. It's just another USB port with a higher power output.

    On the one hand I'm impressed because that answers a lot of the questions I ask my XBox after looking at my PS3. Then I am unimpressed because that's where the damn specs should have been in the first place. Sorta funny that they went from pushy buttons to iPod touch sensitive buttons, where the PS3 when the other way around.

      Good point about the buttons.
      I prefer the pushy type, myself.

    does it still have an ethernet port? id assume it would but all i hear is this built in wifi. i had nothing but problems when i used to use wifi so id rather stay with my ethernet connection.

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