New Xbox 360 Warns You Of Possible Doom

New Xbox 360 Warns You Of Possible Doom

The new smaller Xbox 360 will not flash the “Red Ring of Death” — the iconic symbol of catastrophic system failure. It’s new warning mark is the “red eye”. Sounds… ominous.

It’s not necessarily the red eye of death, though.

Apparently, here is the warning message this Xbox 360 is running:

The Xbox 360 is shutting down to protect the console from insufficient ventilation.

You can turn the console back on after the power light stops flashing.

It appears that when things go wrong for the new 250GB Xbox 360, it can send out a warning and shut itself down, giving Xbox 360 enough time to do something very important: Brace themselves.

New Xbox 360 Warning [NeoGAF via Engadget]


  • I really don’t like the look of it when its horizontal. Matter of fact, I don’t like the 360 full stop laying horizontal. I used to do it that way cause it was convenient, but the 360 I believe is designed to be vertical. Air, I also believe circulates easier that way and it looks better.

    The PS3 on the other hand looks better horizontal.

    I hope this is just a demo of showing what the error will appear to look like and that its not that easy to get this message.

    Oh and has anyone else noticed the new Xbox 360 (its not a Slim, nor is it being marketed as a slim) thats being advertised on Kotaku on the side ISN’T shiny like the ones we see in pictures and what it looks like in reality?! Lols

    • I don’t have any evidence or anything, but I swear I read somewhere it is SAFER to lay the xBox horizotally. Less prone to RRoD.

      • Indeed, the original 360 is better off horizontally, if you notice when you stand it vertically, the vents are underneath. They tell people to put it horizontally because air can actually circulate. I’ve had the RRoD once before, haven’t since then.

  • Auto-kill features like this are one of the best unappreciated things in modern computer design today (until you actually benefit from it anyway). I remember when a computer I assembled kept crapping out during bootup, I took it apart and realised the CPU heatsink wasn’t quite touching the CPU (despite appearing to be snug in the mounting bracket), hence it was overheating, and the motherboard was shutting off power automatically to protect the hardware. Without it the chip would’ve just burnt itself out. A quick reassemble and it never had a problem again.

    Obviously that doesn’t condone any crappy hardware designs causing overheating, but it is certainly nice to know it’s there!

  • I’m shocked Microsoft didn’t steer away from this easy reference. Now everyone’s going to throw 2001 puns.

  • hahah i just CAN’T WAIT for the people getting angry over COD games that get shutdown. MY #*$&# KILLSTREAK MAN?!?!?!

  • I honestly believed the system would be thermally sound after is 4th or 5th alliteration. Very disappointing.

  • A good sign… at least Microsoft are admitting to the problem and trying to provide ways to avoid disaster… now to see how useful that actually is 😛

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