New Xbox 360 Will Hit Australia July 1

That's the word from Xbox Australia chief David McLean this morning. He expects the redesigned console to be shipping to retail late June for a July 1 street date.

The new Xbox 360 console will retail for $AU449, while the older Elite model drops its RRP from $AU449 to $AU349.


    Hmm.. Is the pic deceiving, or does it actually come with a Kinect unit ?

      Kinect is released 4th of November in the US. So no, it is not included. However, I assume there will be bundles available just in time for Christmas.

      And what's with all the whining over the price of the new Xbox 360? It now has 250gb hdd, built in wireless N Wi-Fi, 5 USB ports, smaller and more quiet.

      Even if you bought an Xbox 360 arcade on special for $250, add $199 for a 250gb hdd and $150 for a wireless N adapter and you're already at $600. Go for an elite at the new price of $349 and add $150 for Wireless N adapter and your at $500. The price seems pretty fair to me.

        Yeh, Im a fool. I shall pitty myself :(. I went and read wikipedia article on it and seen release date. Right around my birthday ^^.

        Now to convince the GF not to buy a wii, hold out for Kinect.

    That's a whole lot sooner than I was expecting. It's a shame I don't have a good excuse to buy the new one. My Halo 3 Edition Console is still going strong.

    Am I the only one who thinks this console is kind of ugly? And it isn't even much smaller. Seems kind of pointless to me.

      I agree, it looks very cheap/tacky and American to me. Like a GMC pickup truck.
      I think plastic chrome and highly reflective black screams tack, or adolescence, and looks far better in photographs than in real life. It also looks old, 90s geometric old. But hey, it is personal opinion, I'm sure a lot of people will love it.

      ru serious. the original 360 is ugly and clunky as sin. any industrial designer could tell you this. this is a vast improvement, altho it looks kinda like a wii now

        also, i dunno why they didn't get rid of the tray for a slot loading drive, would have saved more space and made it look a lot sleeker.

          Because if they did, we would be less worried about RRoDs and more worried about disk jams.

    I actually rather like the look of the new one... pity i won't be able to buy one for quite some time though...

    ...nor can i think of a good reason to convice the missus why i should have it lol

      It all depends on what EB are doing in terms of trade-ins for it. I might consider trading my console in (it's ~6-12 months old, Black 120Gb Elite model) assuming everything I have now works with the new one, and it's not ridiculously expensive.

      We'll see.

    My BIG question (David if you can?)...
    Where is the power supply? Do we still have a brick? does it still have front USB (I think I saw the flap), how many other usb ports? etc>

    I won the Alan wake comp last week and waiting for my brand new (now old) Elite 120gb. Do you think I could just ask them to just send me the new one instead?

    I am thinking of trading this in for the new one as the built in wifi is a HUGE deal for me.

    So glad to see the controllers have not been touched.

      Brick - yes, but smaller.

      USB - two front, three rear

        Thanks... it does lead me to one more question. What the hell is a Kenect port. I was assuming that this would just be a USB peripheral as it was supposed to be compatible with all existing 360's???


          From what I've read, Kinect will need connect to original 360s using a USB cable plus an additional power supply. The port on the new 360 will also power the device, so you don't need the extra cable.

        also, they have messed with the controller.
        Chrome centre x button and the bumpers have been modified.

    Sweet, my 360 broke last year and I've been meaning to buy a new one: I reckon I can pretty easily wait 2 more weeks.

    at $450AU, the day i will buy one is when my xbox breaks and i cant find an original. It's a shame too because i was more than happy to buy one quite early on but that price tag is ridiculous, you can get a normal xbox 360 for like 250 and when the price cuts come, expect that figure to drop.

    That's pretty good, them keeping it under wraps.
    It only got leaked yesterday, officially confirmed soon after, and they're good to ship it out in 2 weeks.

    My only question is, is this model going to be much more reliable than previous models? If it really is, I'd buy it even if it does look ugly.

    Ouch, $450? I was hoping the new mainboard design would mean cheaper manufacturing and a corresponding price cut. Maybe they need to keep the price-cut up their sleeve for Christmas, otherwise the Kinect/Natal + 360 will come to what, $650 here?? Can't see that competing with the Wii for the casual gamer market.

      It is cheaper, as it comes in built with Wifi. Which is usually a $120 add on for the regular $399/$450 250gb console.

        True, but it isn't cheaper if you don't use wifi, and the external wifi was a total rort.
        A wifi chipset is only a few dollars, this console should be costing significantly less to produce than the previous one.
        I just don't think they will win any new customers at the $450 price-point.

          Well there is still the arcade and when those sell out it'll be replaced by a cheaper version of this release is rumors are to be believed.

    That is a shitty price... it would be more reasonable at a hundred dollars less, but that's Microsoft for you. I can't really justify it... I already have two 360s, one without a working disk drive.

    Although I'm not so bothered by the look of it. It seems more in line with the original Xbox, where the 360 looks more like an iPod. Good thing IMO, plus, the matte finish on the 360 always was very N64...

    You fine folks seem to be glossing over the fact it has an inbuilt wireless n receiver. Its hardly coming at the same price when it comes with a AU$149 wireless receiver inbuilt. Sure it sucks for the people who don't care but still I'm happy with that - its $150 I don't need to spend now!

      Nah that doesn't fly with me, it should have had wireless built in from the start. Shifting extortion from an option to a forced implementation is a bit rich. Christmas might see a price drop, happy to wait, already have a wifi enabled Wii, with dust on it, so kintec isn't much of a draw either.

      dude, my DS has wifi. My phone has wifi. My freaking oven has wifi. Its 2010.


    Thats like an extra $250 on top of the american price considering our dollars are close!!!!

    I thought the Elites price was dropped to $399 or $349 ages ago, or at least that is how much you can get one for everywhere!

    Ridiculous. I *was* going to buy one.

      Pricing has never been directly comparable to the US where any gaming devices/software is concerned, why would it start now?

      The elite still carries a rrp of $449 in Australia. However, most places sell them with a few games for $399-$449 depending on the bundle. Keep in mind, there is no wi-fi in current models, they only have 3 USB ports and generally only have 120gb hdd. Yes, there are some 250gb bundles but they are special editions for FFXIII, ME2, MW2 etc (and they are priced accordingly!).

      $449 is a fair price for the new console considering what you get. Once Christmas is on the horizon, there will be bundles with games or Kinect (or both!) so if the money is such an issue, hold out a few more months.

      According to 299.00 USD = 349.018 AUD, but companies use a lower exchange rate to compensate for fluctuations in the market.

      US$299 is without tax as well, so add GST and you get about AU$384. Add the fact that you have to ship it all the way to Australia and $449 isn't all that bad.
      Retailers will throw in games as well. This is only an increase of $50 from the current 120Gb model. ($399)

        Why's everybody always defending companies shipping to Australia, where do you think this stuff is made and shipped from, CHINA!!!!

        CN to AU = 7,469 km

        CN to US = 11,611 km

        We have the GST and whatever other taxes, which is valid, shipping is not.

    from a price point of view it still can't compete with the ps3. I was hoping microsoft were going to follow sony's lead and actually reduce the price for the 360 "slim".. When I saw it I was thinking of buying one, but now seeing the price. .. no way

      Actually, they are now more comparable than ever.

      PS3 rrp $499
      Xbox 360 rrp $449

      PS3 Pro - Blu-Ray, Rechargeable Controller
      PS3 Con - 2 USB ports, Standard Wi-Fi

      Xbox 360 Pro - 5 Usb Ports, Wirless N Wi-Fi
      Xbox 360 Con - No Blu-Ray Player, Separate charge kit

      Essentially, these are the only differences. Now, a blu-ray drive costs a lot less than they once were. Jb Hi-Fi are currently selling Soniq BD players for $96!

      If you want to play Rockband/Guitar Hero with more than 2 people on PS3, you will need a USB Hub. That will set you back $20-$30. If you want to stream HD content to a PS3, good luck, you probably don't have the bandwidth.

      On the 360 side, you need to spend a further $35 for a play and charge kit, or just keep buying AA's.

      I'm not gonna go on, but as you can see, the price points are fairly equal. If you want a BD player as well as the ability to play games, then sure get a PS3. But really, you can just buy a BD player separate to the 360 and it won't cost you much more.

      BTW, I'm not a MS fanboy, I own all 3 consoles (multiples of some, I like new shiny things!)

        The PS3 is a 120HD, the XBox 360 the 250 also. The 250GB PS3 is around $100 more.

        I'm pretty sure they want to phase out the arcades and then they will release a cheaper version of the 360 slim (probably with less HDD or none at all, maybe throw away the wireless N or whatever). Certainly they won't leave the low end of the market vacant.

      Last I checked, Sony also stripped out features in the PS3, specifically backwards compatability with PS2 games and Linux operating system support.

      In the case of Microsoft, thus have made the unit small, added a few new features and (this is wishful thinking here) have made the hardware even more reliable than the Jasper boards.

      So on perspective, while the price is still step it is starting to get justification now.

    It's like a million industrial designers all over the universe cried out in pain.

    I still can't quite believe this thing is real, it looks like a nasty Chinese 360 knock-off themed pc tower. I really didn't think they could get worse than the 360 with its horrible concave curve and plastic fake chrome.

    I have a 360, I use it all the time and love it. But it stays behind the cupboard doors well out of sight. (Its just a shame its terrible menus still have to be seen on the tv)

      I don't mind the current 360 design, but this looks like a thing AlienWare tower. Looks pretty bad.

      And I don't get why they need a brick. Can't they just shove it in?

      And it should be quite. My friends one is so loud that it can be heard when the game is playing(though not when there's background music).

    I might trade in my 60GB version if the trade-in deal is decent. By decent I mean I will need at Least $100 off, preferably $150

      You can expect trade-in prices to come down when the new Elites hit town, but GAME has a current 60GB trade-in price of $160. Get in now if you want your moneys' worth.

    Today's paper shows JB hifi selling the 120 gig Xbox 360 Elite, Forza 3, Halo ODST, a headset and network cable + 1 month gold xbox live for $250!

    $250! I'm thinking of buying a spare for that price! I mean, the new one looks ok, but the actual game playing console isn't any different really from the old version, and Kinect works with both types. I don't really see any reason to move to the new model, and I'm certainly not interested in Kinect.

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