New Zelda Continues Disturbing Right-Handed Brainwashing

The hero of the Legend of Zelda is left handed, just like Nintendo's top-designer Shigeru Miyamoto and me, right? Not in the new Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

In theory, Link has been turned right-handed because he is being controlled with the Wii Remote, a device many gamers hold in their right hand. Even I do that.

Let us nonetheless lament this insidious change made by the Wii.

Link as a righty on the Wii

Lefty on the GameCube

Lefty on the Nintendo 64

Lefty on the SNES

Lefty on the NES

Lefty on the DS

Way to oppress my people, Nintendo.


    Lefty Link was one of the reasons I got TP on the GC. Lefty Link oh how I will miss you : (

      I call bull!

      Or you choose your games based on really poor decisions!

    I never realised Link was a lefty! Completely overlooked it!

    Im ambidextrous, but depending on what I'm holding (oh shut up).

    For some reason when I read "Way to opress my people" the Killzone FMV intro played in my head.
    "My people...Sons and daughters of Helghan."

    Bull, Link was an ambi in every 2D game due to sprite mirroring.

    Beside that, it's not even supposed to be the same guy in every game. A durr.

    Outrageous! Make the righties hold a damned controller the wrong way for once, let THEM feel the discomfort of having the moulded grip conform to the opposite hand and the discrimination of the controller manufacturers giving them the proverbial finger (with the left hand, obviously) because they're too small a market. Sure left hander's only make up about 10% of the population but you know what else makes up 10% of the population, cool people! Coincidence? I think not!

    Technically, every 'link' is a different link and from a different universe, so they are different from one another.

    I remember leftie sympathizers complaining when Twilight Princess came out aswell.

    If you play the game in Left Handed mode, does it switch the on-screen link? Is there even a Left Handed mode for Wii?

      Not true, Majora's mask Link is clearly OOT Link after defeating Ganon. In the other timeline where Ganon won the gods flooded the land leading to the Wind Waker timeline which is followed directly by Phantom Hourglass and then Spirit Tracks follows a while later (with one guy still left from the ship in Wind Waker).

      Not saying none of them are the same just that a most of theme fit into the same universe (others probably do too but it'd be too much speculation for my brain).

      As for the main topic, I really am surprised Miyamoto didn't demand a lefty option that'd flip Link (and maybe the world if it made it easier for everything).

    I'd sooner that than control the WiiMote with my left hand or have my right hand actions performed by Links left arm.

    Sort of a no choice option really.

    A terrible case of handism! I'm disgusted, nintendo. Lefties forever!

    It's about time. Everybody knows that left handed people are sick deviants. I don't want my kids exposed to that kind of imagery (or at least I wouldn't if I had kids), so I'm glad to see Nintendo are doing the responsible thing and having their characters behave in the correct, right-handed manner.

    While I respect the right of left-handed people to choose their own lifestyle (and it IS a choice), I don't think left-handedness has any place in a videogame that will be played by children.

    Maybe Link has been ambidextrous all this time, and his current sword has a better grip if it's used right handed?

    Come on Nintendo! Give us the option to be left or right handed!!! I'm right handed, and I'd give playing as a lefty a red-hot go. Keep it real suckas.

    Link does mean left

    Hopefully they'd make a mechanic to switch him between right and left, just to be fair. By this, I mean, simply turning the sword and shield, not inverting the entire game world (TP)

    I hate that Nintendo is still forcing us to waggle our wrists to play legacy games...

    WTB release on PS3 or 360!

    Theres no reason we cant just switch hands...Couldn't have been an option to choose the desired hand?

    Piss poor continuity Ninty!

    Having Link wield his sword in his right hand and shield in left is actually more historically accurate for medieval times.

    Take a look at jousting for example. You will notice that the lances will be in the right hand.
    Taking a look at illustrations and art work from medieval times shows the right hand as the weapon hand.
    The Elder Scrolls series of games always have the character with the sword in their right hand.

    Brainwashing? No. Historical accuracy? YES!

    My God, here we go again - old Link was RIGHT HANDED. Clearly no one here is remotely observant.

    Play OoT. Get your hookshot out. Oh crap, right hand! Same in MM, same in TWW.

    In medieval ages, defense was seen as a priority over offense, hense right-handed soldiers would use their sword in their left hand, and their shield in their right hand.

    Link has always, always been a right-handed person. At least in the 3D titles.

    Notice, once again, here, when Link uses his arrow, he uses it in the same way he did on N64 and GCN.

    He hasn't mysteriously become right handed, he's just changed his sword alignment.

      The Zelda games for Wii are ergonomically optimized for the right-handed and awkward for the left-handed because the Wii itself is just that for every game that uses the nunchuck. Nintendo understands this and probably figures it's not worth the cost to upgrading the status of lefties to medeocre experience from the present state of outright neglected.

      "In medieval ages, defense was seen as a priority over offense, hense right-handed soldiers would use their sword in their left hand, and their shield in their right hand."

      To whose medieval ages are we referring? All information, artwork, restoration projects, etc. for English, French and Spanish history show sword in right, shield on left. Even in jousting that is the case. Bare in mind, these were extremely superstitious people, and the act of using the left hand was seen as demonic. Showing proficiency with one's left hand amongst allies was a potential death sentence in itself.

      But none of that matters since Nintendo didn't put that much thought into it to begin with. Link has traditionally been a lefty swordsman ("Then with a magical sword in his left hand and a magical shield in his right, he set off alone on his long travels." --Zelda II) because Miyamoto is left-handed, and that's as deep as it gets. Let's not pretend that a game where you play an elf fighting hordes of rock-spitting land octopi, rotating burrowing cacti, and archer pigs is aiming for historical accuracy.

    Would it just be that hard to add a "are you left handed or right handed?" at the start of the game?

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