Nintendo 3DS Spark Gamer Stampede

As the E3 of our years ago wrapped up their was a famously large stampede.

The last day of that show, the show when Nintendo gave attendees a chance to get their hands on the Wii and its motion gaming, the second the doors opened people ran through the halls, past competitors, past other games to get their final chance to check out the Wii before the console went on sale.

This year's E3, the E3 when Nintendo unveiled their 3D portable gaming console, people seemed just as excited to run through the floor to get into what became a mammoth Nintendo line.

How mammoth? Well there were two of them, one of the Zelda and the other for the 3DS. Both were huge, but only the 3DS one was so big that it almost wound its way right back out of the show floor and into the parking lot.

Last I heard, the 3DS line wait was up to four hours. Impressive!


    Holy crap it's like a never ending sea of people.

    Too bad if you need to go to the toilet and you've got no-one to hold your spot for you.

      I think thats the point dude, rat out the weakest links in the line :P

      That'd be an interesting study - checking the state of the pants of people coming out of there. I think you'd find these games journalists aren't as proud as you might hope or expect :P

        Hahaha. For all we know they could have been wearing adult daipers/incontinence pads.

    hahaha look at that guy running in the blue top in like the first 20 seconds.

    I'll never get sick of fat nerds furiously waddling to the next shiny gadget

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