Nintendo 3DS Vs PSP Vs iPhone

How does the upcoming Nintendo 3DS compare to the its current competitors, the Sony PSP, the iPhone 3GS? Let's find out!

The original Nintendo DS is thrown in for good measure. Via website HardCoreWare:

Graphics Processing Unit

• Nintendo 3DS: DMP Pica 200 • Nintendo DS: ARM9 • PSP: Sony proprietary • iPhone 3GS: powerVR SGX535

Screen Resolution

• Nintendo 3DS: Top screen 400x240 (vertically interlaced for 3D effect, effectively 800x240), bottom screen 320x240 • Nintendo DS: 256x192 (each screen) • PSP: 480x272 • iPhone 3GS: 480x320

Vertex Performance (Triangles per Second)

• Nintendo 3DS: 15.3 million • Nintendo DS: 120,000 • PSP: 33 million • iPhone 3GS: 28 million

Fillrate (Pixels per second)

• Nintendo 3DS: 800 million • Nintendo DS: 30 million • PSP: 664 million • iPhone 3GS: 500 million

The Nintendo 3DS is a big step up power-wise from the Nintendo DS. The stickler is that, as HCW points out, the Nintendo 3DS apparently has to work harder than the Nintendo Wii!

The reason that the Nintendo 3DS has to work so hard is that it has to do two times the effort to reproduce the 3D effect in the machine's top screen. According to HCW, that could mean there won't be super detailed 3D graphics. (Perhaps below PSP or iPhone 3GS level.) The draw for the Nintendo 3DS is ultimately the 3D and what kind of experiences Nintendo can offer. And for current Nintendo DS owners, the graphics will look eye popping. Literally.

Nintendo 3DS Specs Comparison: 3DS vs PSP and iPhone 3GS [HCW][Pic]


    Err, why not include iPhone 4 in the comparison?

    Does that mean if someone made a game non-3d that the graphiocs could be better than PSP?

    Maybe or maybe not... 3DS still have slightly lower resolution screen

    This is actually very bad news for me. I'm not to big of a fan of 3D, it's not the big draw for me, so to hear that the machine will sacrifice graphical quality for 3D effects is quite saddening

      I have a feeling we'll see some developers putting out 2D-only games for the 3DS, similar to how some Wii games eschew motion control.

    Based off the numbers, the 3ds doesn't fare to well. Based of game demo(WIP) from recent E3 3ds game images, I"m sorry to say, the 3ds beats psp and iphone 3GS in term of graphics. There isn't even a single game on psp(been around more than 4years) or a game on iphone that has graphics remotely close to what a WIP game on 3DS can do.

    If you want to prove me wrong? show me a game on psp or iphone that represents great gfx of each platform that is better than what the 3DS can do.

    If you youtube the reecnt demo's and gameplay for 3DS games, you will know what I mean.

    I've seem many psp and iphone "great" gfx games and they are no where near the level of 3DS(in early stage too!!!).

    Quote from the author "According to HCW, that could mean there won’t be super detailed 3D graphics. (Perhaps below PSP or iPhone 3GS level.)" I hope this is a joke? How could the gfx performance is below psp and iphone when the press and everyone who witness the games(WIP) say they are as good higher than gamecube/ps2 gfx?

    I guess it just a way for downplaying 3DS.

      Please look up. "Epic citadel" on you tube to see its iphone/pad performance and graphics.

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