Nintendo Exec "Mistaken" About Nintendo 3DS Release Date

On Friday, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime appeared on talk show Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. He said that the upcoming 3D-glasses-free handheld the Nintendo 3DS will be released "next year". He, apparently, is "mistaken".

Says who? According to sources close to company's Japanese headquarters, the Nintendo of America exec made an error when he stated that the Nintendo 3DS would be out next year. Good thing he didn't do that on nation-wide television!

Oh wait.

Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Nintendo of Japan), however, would not affirm to our sources that the Nintendo 3DS would be released in North America by this holiday season or not. What's more, the company reiterated that it intends to release the upcoming portable sometime during this financial year as mentioned in the initial press release this past March. This financial year ends in March 2011.

While this sounds like the right hand not talking to the left hand, Kotaku is following up.


    Reggie always seem to receive a huge amount of flak and yet, until now, I hadn't seen much to justify that kind of reasoning. The 3DS, from reports, is a bold and risky take on emerging technology and is so anticipated that for him to give an error on the expected release window is humiliating.

      Glassless 3d is not new its been in some models of Japanese cellphones for a year and commercial Cameras for longer than that and was demoed on non commercial TVs at CES 6months ago.

      This hole "its new and risky yet exciting" perspective on 3D needs to be drooped. Hell ive had a 3D-HD projector under my noise with out even knowing.

      3d is hardware is old and largely perfected its now just up to software to catch up (which is what Nintendo are doing) stop trying to make the technology sound infantile or special just because your hyped for it.. its just not tru.. you should be excited for the software lineup focus on that if you want to act all mighty and special about some thing.

        3D hardware cant change much at all from now on its basicaly all established.. the only thing that could change is a cosmetic design of shutter glasses...

        as far as the 3DS solution people complain about the viewing angle and ask for more.. but fail to realise that increasing the viewing angle on a glasserless 3D dsipaly requires your to add 4new screens to the 2 that are already overlapped and at that price its better to just get a second DS!..

        Glassless 3D is personal Glasses 3D is here to stay for larger scale stuff any one whos holding out for glassless TVs are kidding them selves it wont happen its that simple.

        the tech is finalized makeup your mind.. all this holding out and wondering if it will change will just hurt the software development that this tech needs so badly atm (now that's its hardware is all done and dusted)

        So I don't make the technology sound 'infantile' or 'special' I will clarify and attempt to negate my 'hype' about it.

        That it's been on japanese cellphones for a while is surprising, but without looking I would say it's implemented in a very limited respect. Same thing with non-commercial tv's. As for a 3D-HD projector I'm going to assume it cost a fair bit more than what the DS will thanks to improvements in the hardware. What I am excited about is that nintendo, who, with a handheld that is easily trumping the competition (sony with their psp, psp go), should decide to update with not only improved specs, but a shift in the focus of their hardware. I do agree that it's going to be the software, as is the case across the gaming industry, that is going to be the telling factor.

        Good point Strand0410, I hadn't noticed the difference in the use of 'next year' and 'next financial year' between Reggie's comments and Nintendo's.

    Reggie didn't say "It's coming out next financial year", he said "Next year" which 9 out of 10 people watching will assume to be January-December 2011 aka exactly what the PR people are saying.

    The only non-overlapping area is Q3-4 of 2011, and no-one really expected it to ship that late anyway.

    The longer they take to realease that machine the more likely I am to buy it.

    Too soon for me, too many other things to spend my money on.

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