Nintendo Reveals Three New DSi XL Colours

Later this month, on June 19, Nintendo will be letting loose in Japan three new colours of the DSi XL: Yellow, Blue and Green.

That's it! No fancy names like Wine or Cheese Wine or Puce. Just Yellow, Blue and Green. Reminds me both of children's toys and the Super Nintendo control pad. They're all very strong, simple, bold colours. I like. Hopefully they also get released in the West. Or, better still, they're the launch colours for the upcoming 3DS.

In conjunction with the new range of consoles, the DSi XL (or DSi LL as it's known there) will have its price cut in Japan from ¥20,000 to ¥18,000. The DSi will also see a drop, from ¥18,900 to ¥15,000. Why the cuts? Remember, the 3DS is being shown off at E3, making the XL a tad redundant.


    I could totally go for a green DSiXL. My DS Phat is starting to show it's age and it might be time to upgrade soon.

    The new colours are terrible.

    Maybe the blue... but I'm happy with bronze.

      Yeah agreed, I'll stick with my poobrown ;)

      Of course I would have rathered black but oh well :(

    Australian release please! While I'm sure my Grandfather is thrilled by the current Bronze and Burgandy choices, I'd like one that better suited me thank you.

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